Friday, December 5, 2014

Big Fat Free For All Friday (CW in San Diego hanging out on yachts edition).

CW is off on the left coast doing his "I'm a defense strategist/genius and you ain't" thing so once again it's left to a dumb Redneck to do HIS job. But that's ok, I don't mind. Rednecks been covering for Yankees since the founding of this great nation (the intellectual horsepower provided by toothless Southern scum I might add). So let's get started.
What's on your mind? In New York City and can't afford thirteen bucks for a pack of Newports and "loosies" appear to be no longer available? Had a close encounter with a gang of white police officers and got yourself put in a choke-hold at the direction of a BLACK FEMALE supervising cop who happened to be just off camera? Got yourself put on Governor Cuomo's "Cigarette Strike Force" person-of-interest list due to that raging nicotine jones you got going on?
Please, free associate, we be here to help.


Anonymous said...

What a fabo picture!

Tubby Benghazi said...

Your link to Cuomo's "War on Cigarettes" announcement proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that Garner's blood is on the hands of the Governor of New York.

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