Thursday, October 22, 2015

My Enemies List

Enemies lists seem to be making a comeback. Back in my youth the revelation that Richard Nixon had an enemies list was BIG news! My God how could he? Why it's outrageous that a President of the United States would have a list of political enemies. By golly criticism is at the heart of our democracy and the idea that Nixon would actually target journalists, academics etc. for IRS audits (and worse) is depraved and immoral. Yes well times change and when the shoe was on the other foot in recent years (Lois Lerner) our ever diligent press wasn't nearly so offended.

Why just the other day Hillary was asked who she considered her "enemies". She was surprisingly candid (feeling the rush of Bernie's tongue up her ass no doubt) citing the NRA, drug companies, health insurers and of course Republicans. That's ok, that's who she is and I appreciate her honestly (enjoy it while you can, it doesn't happen often). Besides, the idea that a big-time politician WOULDN'T have an enemies list is a little naive in my estimation.

So, in  the spirit of pissing off as many people as I can in the shortest time possible, I present The Hammer's enemies list for your perusal. If you don't like it or disagree, feel free to pencil in your name at the bottom.

1. The Democratic Party: This ain't your daddy's Democrats I can tell you. Not so very long ago the Dems claimed to be the party of the "working man". Their target was the union worker, the struggling family with a mortgage, two kids in community college and an AMC Hornet parked out front of their Bronx or Charlestown bungalow. Not so anymore. Their constituents these days are just about any and every special interest that can write a check, most especially Wall Street and the ultra-wealthy like George Soros, Warren Buffett, Larry Ellison, Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos. Now granted, most billionaires hedge their bets and give to both parties, but not this bunch. They give (with rare exceptions) almost exclusively to Democrats and Democrat causes. It's been proven that Soros has created a "shadow party" by bundling and funneling like minded billionaire's money into all sorts of nefarious political activities. The fact is Soros and his minions set the table and every Democrat politician eats off it, and as they say there are no free lunches. These guys expect (and get) quid pro quo.

2. "Establishment" Republicans: It breaks my heart to count any Republican as an enemy, but there it is. I well understand that any two individuals can and will disagree and I would hope the Republican Party is a big enough tent to accommodate a variety of views (unlike the Democrats who have purged their moderates/conservatives). But the trend lately with Boehner and McConnell's "top down" approach to governing, the ignoring and/or downright hostility towards the more conservative wing of the party and their candidates (I won't mention Cucinelli again...oh shit, I just did) leads me to believe we are not wanted and are not welcome. I may disagree strongly with the direction and leadership of today's Republican Party, but I still support them. All I ask is they reciprocate. I hope they soon come to their senses and stop this game of political chicken. Donald Trump, which the establishment hates with a passion, is just a manifestation of the frustration that is presently overwhelming the party. To be successful and get this country back on track we need each other, and if the Paul Ryans of the party don't comes to terms with that fact then we are dead as a political force. Ryan should keep that in mind the next time Reid or Pelosi talk about what a great guy he is.

3. Education Establishment: In George Orwell's great fable Animal Farm you will please recall Napoleon took over the upbringing of Jessie's puppies resulting in Snowball barely escaping with his life. Now I know this was a metaphor for Stalin's purges of the military, the exile of Trotsky etc. but I think also about education. It requires no explanation to know that if education is controlled then eventually the country will be controlled. For example the gay "marriage" issue. Hillary Clinton was adamantly opposed to it as a Senator. Her husband signed the Defense of Marriage Act. But all of a sudden "marriage equality" is part of her platform. Now obviously she's a pandering bitch but even still, how did attitudes change so quickly? Could it be that big Hollywood gays like David Geffen tied their considerable donations (and entertainment propaganda) to liberal establishment attitudes towards gay marriage? Could it be that this newthink was made known to teachers and professors who consequently taught their charges "tolerance not bigotry"? Just paranoia on my part? Maybe, but there are no coincidences when it comes to leftists. Everything happens for a reason.

4. Big Media: I guess I should count my blessings as we do have a small (relatively speaking) but vibrant conservative media especially when compared to other countries where even mild criticism of say Islam will land you in court. Nevertheless the vast majority of our news, opinion, propaganda (for lack of a better word) are all left of center. I always found it interesting that the big media companies are just that, big companies. Why would they be advancing a leftist agenda? Simple, they get goodies (see #1).
For the life of me I never understood why conservatives don't treat the media as what they are, a wing of the Democratic Party. When George Bush gave Dan Rather the business in 1988 he solidified his support among MY wing of the party which resulted in Rather carrying around a huge boner for the Bushs which eventually clouded his judgement and got him fired. Now he's considered just a crazy old fart chasing windmills with the likes of Robert Redford who just pissed away millions on a film everybody is laughing at, even liberals. See how this works? Be smart and aggressive and good things happen.

5. Big Labor: Remember when unions looked out for union members? Now the only viable unions are GOVERNMENT unions which are no more than money laundering schemes for leftist politicians. Look, I am not opposed to unions. What I am opposed to is FORCED unionization. Freedom means being able to join a union or not, but it should never be a condition of employment. Plus just look at the unions these days. They are wholly owned subsidiaries of the Democratic Party which is owned by the big money guys. Why do you think big labor stood idly by and allowed Democrats to institute all these trade deals that have decimated (at least) their membership? Hell I think the old Soviet unions had more autonomy, certainly no less. Tell you what, when Richard Trumka issues a full and complete financial statement like Romney was forced to do last election then maybe I'll reconsider, but I don't think so. It's all one big club these days. Besides, there are no jobs so what's the diff?

6. Government: By government I mean the bureaucracy and the thousands upon thousands of porn surfing, layabout, shiftless, corrupt, mindless busybodies and petty dictators who populate Washington, DC and every federal building in every hamlet, town and city in these United States. At least half are parasites on the ass of humanity deserving of not one more cent of our money nor one more second of our time. We need to do as Mao did when the bureaucracy got out of control. Of course our Cultural Revolution shouldn't involve killing millions. Well at least not at the moment but hey, I open to suggestions.

7. Race Hustlers: The "Reverends" Sharpton, Jackson, Barber et al. These guys bear as much resemblance to a man of God as I do to Brad Pitt. They are rabble rousing, attention seeking extortionists, no more no less. If the left weren't so interested in manipulating the hopelessly ignorant dependent class these guys wouldn't get the time of day.

8. Illegals: What can I say, they are our undoing. I cannot stress enough that uncontrolled immigration is the most dire threat we face as a country. It is a cancer, and right now we are in stage four. I talk to "normal" Republicans all the time and they just don't get it. If we don't get immigration under control we will go the way of California where there is not one state wide elected Republican...NOT ONE! So all these "conservative" issues you worry about won't mean a thing if we continue to be the toilet seat of the world where every country on earth can just flush their indigent, their criminals and their disturbed. In fact it may already be too late so just grab what you can, the boat is sinking, which seems to be the attitude of our establishment. Maybe they know something I don't. I just don't see the logic in bringing in millions of people who statistically speaking will most likely be on welfare (with their granny collecting social security despite having never put one penny into the system).
Good Lord I'm just wasting my breath. What's a little issue like this when compared to "party unity"? Must be a good Republican don't you know. Can't get everything we want. To get along you go along. Don't worry about it, what's good for the Chamber of Commerce is good for America. By the way, nice iPhone. Where was that made?

Well that's the short list. I'm so glad I got this one out there because in five years if things don't change I will very likely be arrested for writing things like this. Yeah I know, I'm full of shit on that too. Well I hope you're right, but we'll see.


LL said...

Five years from now after you have undergone re-education and conditioning, you will be mindlessly telling us "War is Peace; Freedom is Slavery; Ignorance is Strength;". It will be the dawn of the second term of Hillary and Chelsea will be waiting in the wings to take her place.

Anonymous said...

Why the quotes around marriage? You think gays getting married is any more questionable than heterosexuals? Piss off then, Republican trite.

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