Thursday, October 15, 2015

No Tell California

I wish OUR establishment were half as good as the opposition's establishment. They actually put some thought into their corruption and once again the Great State of California is leading the way! A case directly on point is the Golden State's new voter fraud scheme.

Here's how it works. As of this January any swinging Dick who shows up at a California DMV will be issued a driver's license. Presumably they must first pass a competency test given in their chosen language (Spanish speakers are up to around 40% last I heard) but I wouldn't bet on it. Then, just a few days ago Governor Jerry Brown signed a law which will AUTOMATICALLY register said licensees to vote. So, any and every holder of a California license does not have to lift a finger to be registered to vote. It will then be up to the bureaucracy to separate the wheat from the chaff and of course I have every confidence in their commitment and ability to weed out the illegals. I'm sure you do as well.

Do you see? This requires no effort on the part of an illegal. It exposes no illegal to some rogue prosecutor for illegally registering. It exposes no organization for registering illegals and saves them tons of money in their efforts to register illegals to vote. It's all done automatically, and if the inevitable widespread corruption is ever exposed then Brown can just say the poor California bureaucracy was just overwhelmed and by golly we need more money to hire more people to pay more union dues which are then kicked back to we politicians all funded by the taxpayers of the Great State of California. It's all good and it's absolutely brilliant. Corrupt as hell but brilliant.

Ok ok, I can hear you now. "Fine. Hammer, but so what? We've known California is lost since Prop 187. Give us some news why dontcha?" Well here's the news. Why don't we start thinking this way? Why was Obamacare passed with 51 votes but everything we do requires a two thirds majority? Why? Our Country club brethren tell us over and over and over again how weak and helpless we are and how the rules say this and the rules say that and we can't do a thing. Yeah, right. Jerry Brown is not bound by "rules". Jerry Brown finds a way to get the job done. Jerry Brown is laughing in your face.

Rules, what rules? There are only winners and losers and so far we are the Goddamn losers. Let the umpire call the game NOT the manager. When they look at the scoreboard they don't ask how, they ask how many. Look, I'm a believer in the law. I respect the Constitution. But you can bet your sweet ass the opposition does NOT! You want to win? Then you had better start bringing a howitzer to a gun fight because right now we're just waving our wedding tackle at people who couldn't give two craps for "process" or "the law". Jerry Brown is right because Jerry Brown wins.

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Anonymous said...

Good-bye America we loved you.

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