Tuesday, October 13, 2015

The Last Nail in the Coffin: Paul Ryan

I would like, no I demand access to your bank account. I will not take everything as I want you to survive so as to work and be productive (a sheep can be sheered many times but skinned only once). I also demand access to your credit. I would like to consume things you will eventually have to pay for. I'll fix it where the bill doesn't come due for a long while but eventually you (or your children) will be on the hook, not me. I do not ask you for these things, I demand them, and if you refuse I will use all means possible to force your compliance. You are not in control here, I am.
So, who am I?
1) I am organized crime
2) I am your government
3) I am an illegal alien
4) All of the above

I'll bet you thought we lived in a Democracy. You would be wrong. We (ostensibly) live in a Republic with representative government. Pure democracy is seen as unjust, too unforgiving and susceptible to a "tyranny of the majority", a view in which I don't necessarily disagree. Minority rights must be protected, however MAJORITY RULES!
As old whathisname said, you know, the redheaded dude with the house in the mountains with the weird inventions and stuff? Come on man, you know who I mean. Help me out here CW. Anyway, he said...
All . . . will bear in mind this sacred principle, that though the will of the majority is in all cases to prevail, that will to be rightful must be reasonable; that the minority possess their equal rights, which equal law must protect and to violate would be oppression. 

But what happens when special interest (minority power) is concentrated and used to corrupt government? Well we're seeing what happens. By the way, what famous historical figure wrote the book on leveraging minority power to subvert legitimate, democratically elected government? Quiz on Friday.

Let me give you a number or two on just the immigration question.
A consistent 60 plus percent disapprove of Obama's handling of immigration.
A recent Rasmussen poll said 62% believe Obama's executive amnesty is illegal and 60% are dissatisfied with current levels of immigration.
Poll after poll after poll of Americans show that we want less across the board immigration, not just illegal, and we believe Obama has acted illegally when it comes to immigration policy.

Paul Ryan has not been a friend to the majority of Americans who want common sense immigration reform. In fact NumbersUSA gives him a miserable 18% positive rating. But if that number isn't enough to disqualify him for Speaker of the House then maybe his Heritage Foundation conservative score of 55% will be. Jeez, that looks like my typical high school algebra test grade and you will note I am NOT a science guy.

My opinion is this. Paul Ryan is a budget geek, handy to have around but in no way is he leadership material. His positions stink, his voting record stinks and he's as weak as water on the most important issue this election IMMIGRATION. CW thinks he's a rising star and taking the Speaker's job will do his career harm. Maybe so, but that pales in comparison to the harm he'd do to we the American people and our democratic republic. Paul Ryan has been and will continue to be an Obama enabler. He helped make "All of the above" a reality. No WAY, he stays where he is.

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LL said...

Finding an honest man in Congress has always been a chore (Mr. Smith goes to Washington) because it's never about the constituents or doing what's right. It's all about the expediency of office. One of the greatest politicians this nation ever produced was Abraham Lincoln. No matter where you stand on the War of Northern Aggression and it's impact on the country and the Federal Govt., you must admit that Lincoln did politics proud. He wasn't a Lucius Quinctius Cincinnati's, but he was a clever operator of monumental proportions. Some will assert that back when LB Johnson was in Congress (before he joined the executive branch where he was a total failure), he approached Lincoln's prowess.

The Republicans need somebody like Lincoln or even Johnson, to carry their standard as Speaker of the House. A crafty politician who knows how to bend people to his will and out maneuver the opposition. Paul Ryan isn't even close.

I disagree with the Hammer that ideology is important at this point. Winning is important - on immigration reform - on compelling the executive branch to rationality when it comes to national defense and foreign policy - and on both tax and entitlement reform. The smaller details at this point are not as important as larger strokes in the effort to stitch up the wounds inflicted by the Obama Administration.

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