Wednesday, September 30, 2015

A "Good Man" Gone Bad

I'm getting a little sick of this "who me" attitude by the establishment. After Boehner's announcement that he's resigning, rather than being contrite they're doubling down. We've done all we could do they say. Everything possible to stop the Obama agenda was done and no one could have done more. All this is just a huge overreaction by the "crazies" and Speaker Boehner, being the "good man" that he is, is falling on his sword "for the good of the party". By the way, isn't it a shame we've lost this "true conservative" based on no more than the hysterical howls of "false prophets"?

What a crock! This is a lie from beginning to end. The fact is Boehner never had a plan. He never had an agenda for stopping Obama. It's simply wasn't a priority for him. Furthermore I'll even go so far to say if the opportunity to repeal Obamacare had been handed to the Republican leadership on a silver platter, they wouldn't have taken it. Some would argue it indeed was.

Maggie Thatcher once said you have to win the argument before you win the vote. What she meant was it's the job of every politician to educate and persuade. That's what leadership is. But just like GWB before, Boehner and McConnell ignore and ignored this vital function of leadership. For example, right now at this very moment our party leaders should be hitting Planned Parenthood with everything they've got. There is NO WAY funding for this criminal organization should even be an issue. But it is. Why? Because our "leaders" are intimidated by Obama. They are absolutely paralyzed with fear of a government shutdown for which they will be blamed (as they see it) and OMG they could, just might, lose their positions.

In our system of checks and balances if Congress doesn't protect its turf and push back against an out of control President, then what we end up with is an all powerful executive with near dictatorial powers. And so it has been with Obama. The idea Boehner "did all he could do" is true, but not for conservatives.


LL said...

Boehner is yet another bloated bureaucrat with a very fat pension, earned by doing very little. I don't know that he was much of a Republican. My sense was always that he was in it for Boehner, and he has a lot of company inside the Beltway.

It's clear that from the Sanders/Trump/Fiorina/Carson emergence that Americans are tired of it. Boehner's departure wasn't a cry-fest outside of Boehner's home. He made himself many times a millionaire while lapping at the public trough and won't be missed. I'm sure that he'll go somewhere and work on his tan.

"The Hammer" said...

I'm not sure who's the bigger pussy, Congressional Republicans or Obama's defense establishment.

LL said...

The Russians don't seem to be shy, expanding into Syria. The rules of engagement will be loose. People who tick them off will be executed, and they will shell cities if enemies take refuge there irrespective of "collateral damage". There are no human rights concerns in the Russian Army. Boehner, Obama, Reid, McConnel, Pelosi, and the rest will push further into the hole, likely leading to a new cold war of sorts. They can take a bow.

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