Sunday, February 22, 2009

7000 Visitors--And a Book is On The Way!

Hey everyone--Google Analytics tells me we've had 7188 "unique" visitors to the site since opening back in June 2008. They hail from all fifty states and 92 different countries.

Hopefully, all of them, and all of you, are clicking those little ad boxes on the site, and patronizing my sponsors (at least those with whom you agree--I try to ferret out the Lib ones, but they come up faster than I can stop 'em).

Finally, I'm working on putting together the some of the best posts from the site in a book, divided by subject. I'm thinking of self-publishing, but if any of you have experience, please let me know!


Doc Milnamo said...

CW: No publishing experience publishing here, but try Started by Red Hat founder Bob Young.

Nathan said...

Congrats on the success of the blog.

Anonymous said...

Check out Nimble Books They've been publishing books written by or edited by bloggers. Dan at and Mark Safranski at Zenpundit have both published with Nimble. They are good guys and I'm sure they'd be happy to give you some insight into the process.

Mudge said...

they won't publish your work but it'll be fun to watch the exchange.

if you choose to publish anything i've written, please get in touch with my publicist for terms.

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