Wednesday, February 4, 2009

North Korea Not Feeling the Love

Apparently, North Korea just isn't feeling the Obama magic. Sabre-rattling continues from the world's largest infantalized nation, likely as a result of the non-attention it has received while the Obama Administration deals with the complex, multi-variable issues such as cabinet nominees not paying their taxes.

So they'll rattle and they'll rattle, Hillary Clinton will go to Pyongyang (a la Madeleine Albright) for "direct talks" and North Korea will extort things out of the US for concessions with which it will not follow through.

The real wild-card in the whole Korean Peninsula issue isn't North Korea's nuclear program or even its ballistic missile program. It is what is to be done when North Korea does finally implode, which it will. If you thought German unification was hard on West Germany's economy, wait till you see what nursing the basket case economy of North Korea will do to South Korea. Because of our legacy there, we will (natch) be looked to as a major source of financing for humanitarian matters and reunification details. This will be a headache of massive proportions. Oh, and it isn't necessarily going to be bloodless...

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Mudge said...

so it is in our interests to keep north korea in stasis?

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