Monday, February 2, 2009

CW Video #2--Oppose the Stimulus Bill

You'll find the new video here. Tried to take some of the guidance from the first one to heart.


Goldwater's Ghost said...

Much, much better - and you even shaved.

Dan said...

Martin Feldstein, Harvard Econ professor, and president emeritus of NBER, has called for the stimulus bill to "be thoroughly revised." He devotes two full paragraphs to how defense outlays should be included, citing equipment repairs, supplies, procurement, and military base infrastructure improvement.
If we have this kind of talk out of our Harvard professors, one should hope that President Obama is starting to get the message.

..... said...

Agreed. Much better, though the yellowing at the end was of concern. Also, of note, your vids are not iPhone compatible. Not requesting any action, just informing.

Mudge said...

First coat and tie, next t-shirt. Please assure your readers/followers that this is not a trend ending with you exploring your naturist fantasies.
Oh yeah, good job. But then I also liked the first one.

Anonymous said...

I liked this one too. Still need a puppy to run through the room occasionally, but I think sitting in front of the books is a homey touch.
By the way, I see you have Liberal Fascism on your shelf-LOVED that book. For some more lighthearted literary fare, Ann Coulter's book is actually pretty good too, regardless of what you think of her.
But to your subject matter-right on! Between last week's vote as you wrote about last week, and the election of Michael Steele, I think things are looking up for the GOP.

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