Saturday, February 21, 2009

Some Clear Thinking On Cuba From Senator Lugar

Respected Senator Richard Lugar has put out a Senate report calling for new approaches to relations with Cuba. I applaud this report, and only think that it falls short of where we should go, which is normalization of relations. That the report is coming from a respected Republican should be appealing to the Obama foreign policy team, as it fits nicely in where they'd like to take this troubled relationship.

Loud Cuban-Americans have hijacked this element of our foreign policy for too long. Electoral politics in both parties made this one too hot to touch, but immigration of Latinos from all over Central and South America, as well as a new generation of Cuban-American leaders, make the Florida electoral story much less dependent on this issue.

It is high time we moved forward with closing this ridiculous chapter in our history. Communism is a failure and we won the argument. It's time now to give Cuba a shot of our most effective national weapon--the dollar.

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