Saturday, February 7, 2009

The Stimulus Deal in the Senate is a Dog

Well, Susan Collins and Arlen Specter have done the deed and earned their 30 Pieces of Silver. They've cozied up with Harry Reid and basically given him enough votes to get the $820B stimulus package through the Senate. Crowing that they got $100B cut, they conveniently forget that the Senate ADDED $100B to the $819B House version, which got 0 Republican votes.

Here's what I'd like to see now. This measure will almost certainly pass the Senate. I hope it does so with the votes only of the waffling deal makers, say 3 Republicans.

Then the Senate Dems will go into Conference with the House Socialists, get the crap beat out of them, and the resulting "conference bill" will be at least $50B more expensive. Susan Collins, Olympia Snow and Arlen Specter will be out on a limb, having made the deal with Senate Dems who CANNOT deliver to them the cuts they insisted on. The resulting bill goes back to the House where it will pass....but without the votes of any Republicans and hopefully the no votes of a few moderate Dems. Then back to the Senate where they get to chew on it all over again, this time with the gang of three chastened at having been burned the first time. Perhaps they'll get enough spine to filibuster the thing, forcing it to be cracked open again and REAL work done to make it stimulative in terms of both taxing and spending.

Let's see how this one plays out.


Indicator Veritatis said...

Why don't you learn to know what you are talking about before you fling accusations of treachery?

The Republicans supporting the stimulus are NOT traitors. They are the only Republicans who finally got a clue.

We NEED this stimulus bill. We need it NOW. You do NOT have to take my word for it, you do not even have to take the Dems' word for it.

You can instead take the word of a Nobel Prize winner in Economics, a man who surely knows what he is talking about, and knows far better than the Republicans who got us into this mess.

He is Paul Krugman, whose NYT Op Ed goes into greater detail on WHY we need this stimulus, and we need MORE of it, and we need it ASAP.

SO take his word for it, and read instead of listening to Rush Limbaugh:(

Mudge said...

What happens when two nobel laureates disagree on something? How can it be that those endowed with perfect knowledge could possibly have conflict?

Anonymous said...

Indicator Veritas? Latin for "Would you like a double tall skinny or a mochaccino today sir"?

You tell us we that don't have to take the "Dems word" and then you reference the writings of Krugman at the New York Times?

It's a liberal spending bill, payback for 8 years out of power, pure and simple.

Dems don't want a stimulus, or a quick recovery. Dems only derive power from a people dependent on the government and unfortunately the higher the unemployment rate goes, the better chances that people will be suckered into the socialist system.

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