Saturday, February 7, 2009

Peggy Noonan is a National Treasure

Peggy Noonan is a serious person, someone whose politics are heart-felt and strongly supported, but whose ability to listen to an alternative argument and recognize its strengths is unmatched among the the Republican intelligentsia. She also unhesitatingly criticizes her own team where they should be criticized. If there is a voice in the media whose style, wit, tone, and substance I most ardently (and unsuccessfully) seek to emulate, it is hers.

Read this little gem. Her analysis of where the President has gone wrong is not the analysis of a someone seeking advantage to her is the analysis of neutrality, and it is powerful. Her evisceration here of the Speaker of the House-- "She's not big enough for the age, is she? She's not up to it" is about as cutting as Peggy gets, but it is as cutting as one could be.


Anonymous said...

I like her too and thought this was great. To deliver a line like 'the disaster that is Nancy Pelosi' without appearing nasty and vicious requires great skill.
I find her much easier to read than to listen to, though.

Mudge said...

Let's hope that Peggy Noonan has started what will become the first in legions of similar public misgivings about Madame Speaker. She, quite simply, has GOT TO GO.

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