Saturday, May 2, 2009

Bob Woodward and the Obama Administration

Bob Woodward treated us to oh, four books about the inner-workings of the Bush Administration in its eight years of existence. I've written about those books here. I generally enjoyed them, and I was always astonished at his ability to get those on the inside to sing....

I can only hope that Mr. Woodward is currently at work on a similar look inside the Obama White House. He did manage to squeeze one whole book out about the Clinton 8 years (The Agenda), so we'll see if his industry takes a similar dive with another Democrat in the White House.

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Unknown said...

Shipmate: Those books are AWFUL, at least from any kind of writing perspective. He just regurgitates interview snippets. They are remarkably badly edited too. I read the first two, then couldn't bring myself to sludge through the others.

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