Saturday, May 2, 2009

Jon Stewart Issues an Apology

I've given Jon Stewart some guff here on the CW (and lost a reader over it), and while I don't watch the show that much and I do believe too many Americans use it as their primary news source, there is no disputing the man is seriously funny.

And he is a man with some character also, as seen here. Watch the video-in it, he apologizes for calling Harry Truman a war criminal...see if the part about knowing as the words come out of your mouth that what you are saying is stupid doesn't hit home...sure does with me. Though I rarely get that feeling when I write (beat you to it, didn't I?)

Hat tip: Tigerhawk --a blog that sets the standard for the rest of us who do this.


Anonymous said...

He also slams DEMs on a regular basis.. don't think you highlighted that during his Cramer on slaught.

Goldwater's Ghost said...

I don't watch the show either, but caught the debate on torture between Stewart and Cliff May on YouTube. Beneath his snarky exterior (let's face it, that's what he's paid to do), Stewart is pretty smart and quick. But in this case, I think his May used Stewart's absolutist position on torture to paint him into a corner.

It's a great exchange - I hope Stewart has Cliff May back again.

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