Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Ridge Considers Pennsylvania Senate Run

With Arlen Specter getting his Democrat (back) on, the Republican primary field in PA was largely ceded to Pat Twoomey, who gave Specter a run for his money in 2004. Now that Specter's gone, it looks like Tom Ridge is considering a run for the Senate. Governor for eight years, first Secretary of Homeland Security, Ridge is a known name in Republican circles and has already demonstrated statewide electability.

I'd welcome a primary battle between Twoomey and Ridge. Twoomey's a bit ideological for Pennsylvania, and Ridge is a bit soft for me. I think a primary would expose certain elements of each's political mien, and ultimately would cause each to review some of what makes them less electable. The candidate who emerges would have a much better shot at beating Specter than an unopposed Republican.

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