Monday, May 4, 2009

Ralph Peters Says Walk Away From Pakistan

Ralph Peters decides to "think out of the box" (I loathe that phrase) when it comes to Pakistan, and basically he says walk away. Leave Pakistan to India, don't worry about China gaining influence.

While Peters' view is attractive from from the standpoint of getting rid of a succubus that has proven time and again beneath contempt, I'm afraid he simply too casually dismisses one important fact---they have nuclear weapons. He seems to lump that in with their relations with India, betting that they wouldn't go nuke with the Indians because that would obliterate their country. Putting aside whether or not that analysis is correct, it seems foolhardy to exacerbate the Indo-Pak issue in the way he suggests. Additionally, my fear isn't an Indo-Pak war, it is LOOSE NUKES in a country where Islamic extremists are gaining additional traction.

Peters is simply to casual and dismissive here. This isn't "out of the box" thinking, it is non-thinking.


Doc Milnamo said...

As far as the nukes are concerned, I have to believe we know where they are. They need to be:

A) Spirited out of the country
B) "Neutralized" in place
C) Combination of A and B


Goldwater's Ghost said...

The chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff would agree with you:

"The chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff said Monday he is "gravely concerned" about the "crisis" Pakistan is facing as Taliban militants fight their way past the army toward the capital of Islamabad."

Bill said...

Just can't get away from that "succubus" usage can you? Must be those demons that come to you in the night.

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