Thursday, May 28, 2009

Obama and Clean Energy

The President headed out west to do a little fund-raising the other day (for Nevada's Senator Reid, among others) and while at Nellis AFB in Nevada, he touted his administration's clean energy policies.

Justifiably complementing Nellis for its massive solar installation and the state for its growing geothermal capabilities, the President ignored the elephant in the room....the spent fuel repository at Yucca Mountain, into which the nation's nuclear waste is supposed to flow. Harry Reid is happy to take $800M a year in taxpayer money to keep building the site out, but just try to store a few neutrons there! Over his dead body!

The President is a farce on clean energy. He goes around the country touting capabilities that have at best a marginal impact on our nation's energy supplies. Wind, solar and geothermal are nice, and they have a place in the solution---but they do not scale up well at all. Nuclear power is here, now, and we can move forward with a method of producing electricity that scales up nicely and can actually meaningfully meet the coming demand for increased electrical power. But as long as Harry Reid bottles up Yucca Mountain, a nuclear renaissance is a pipe dream.

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