Sunday, May 31, 2009

Obama's Cuba Opening--A Win For The President

Good news from the State Department today on the fruits of President Obama's recent openings to the Cuban government. We will be engaging in direct government to government talk on a number of issues, including anti-narcotics and immigration.

The Cuba policy of the US, a shared shame of both parties needlessly pandering to the South Florida vote, must change, and to his credit, the President is moving in that direction. We lost 58,000 Americans fighting Communism in Vietnam; they're still Communist and we have full diplomatic relations. That we have maintained this ridiculous isolation of Cuba for so long makes no sense.

I will legally smoke a fine Havana cigar in Havana before my 50th birthday.

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Mudge said...

Great, while you are making your breath unpleasant with one hand and fending off Havana "Hey Joe's" with the other, the Administration will be busy building a reparations package to bring this failed communist state into the 21st century. All so CW can have a cigar.

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