Wednesday, May 20, 2009

A Cultural Difference Between the Military and Civilian Work Worlds

I may have mentioned this before, so if I have, please forgive my senior moment. I've been out in the "real" world for over a year now, and one thing I've come to realize is that returning phone calls and emails seems optional in the "real" world. Is it just me, or do I speak the truth? I realize that I transitioned from a world without profit motive to one with, but what about simple human courtesy? In the Navy, I considered some people to be huge pains in the ass (perhaps what I've now become), but you still returned a phone call (or in my case, returned a phone call with an email, which is also acceptable).


SamShapiro said...

I agree. I am always amazed with the number of peopel that will thank me for returning their call. I always thank them for calling me with their interest.

Smoothfur said...

My pet peeve is receiving emails of great import with short suspense that are sent with the assumption that I will be reading my email every few minutes. If it is that important, call me. Conversely, if it is not important don't call me send an email.

Proper use of the communication technologies at hand be it email, telephone, or text can make things much easier for all concerned.

bbauer said...

What is intersting is that I find my company (majority owned by a foreign firm) and the several international companies I deal with on a daily basis are quite responsive. There is actually a feeling of shame when you see the "2nd request" appended to the subject.

Companies can do themselves a favor and actually train their people how to properly use e-mail or simply get them a copy of "Getting Things Done".

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