Friday, May 15, 2009

Pelosi and Waterboarding

The Speaker's parsing and backpeddling is getting interesting. Her presence atop the Democratic Party in Congress befuddles me (as does John Boehner's atop the Republican Party, though), and I think she is an intellectual scarecrow. I find myself wondering if this issue will be enough to bring her down, but then I find myself thinking I wouldn't want the Dems to have a truly effective leader take her place. So I just sit and enjoy the show.


BigFred said...

NeptunusLex pondered why the CIA would go after the Speaker, considering the power she can wield. I have no idea, except, you know, the CIA knows who killed Kennedy. Anyway, as I watch the Speaker tapdance, the only word that comes to mind is "perfidy:.

Mudge said...

They have a term here on the Eastern Shore for when someone back-pedals the way she was: "crawdaddin'". But a crawdad is too lovely a creature to be associated with Madame Speaker. I think a better colloquialism might be "Pe-lyin'"

Anonymous said...

See how she is "Crawfishin" now that Panetta has come out in suupoert of the "Company" position.

CIA is able to make her life and the life of her Dem colegues most miserable if she and they try to use the CIA to score political points.

there are still Company people who remember and bristle at the Bpland ammendment and others who though retired who have not forgotten being left on the beach at the Bay of Pigs. The Dems do not have a wonderful history with CIA.

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