Friday, November 18, 2011

Have You Contributed to Romney for President Yet?

Well, it looks like it is Newt's turn to be the media's flavor of the month. This should be fun.  Click the link on the right and let's get ready for Iowa!


"The Hammer" said...

CW you seem to forget we haven't even had a primary yet. If Bachmann were to do well in Iowa, and I'm not saying she will, she would go into New Hampshire with momentum and be a viable candidate once again.

All I'm saying is it's very early and this stage some of these polls the media is obsessed with don't mean squat. Besides, much of the media uses polls to influence opinion so they're just about useless anyway.

"The Hammer" said...

Couldn't have said it better myself.

WaPo “conservative” Jen Rubin: the establishment GOP’s hired pimp?

So suggests Jeffrey Lord at the American Spectator (

Me, I’m more cynical still: I believe erstwhile Berkeley liberal Jen Rubin never really changed her political stripes, that she is a 911 Republican (that is, a liberal hawk) at best, and at worst, she’s a plant, a house slave, a legacy media-approved left-centrist advocating for “sane” conservatives whom can be readily identified by their willingness to reject conservative principles and pander to “moderates” in order to prove themselves “electable.”

For two election cycles now it has been Rubin’s role to attack the GOP nominating field’s most conservative candidates in order to clear the field for a nomination of the least conservative candidates — which is perfectly in keeping with the wishes of the GOP establishment (the reasons for which I’ll let you all consider).

To cover herself, she recently lent praise to Rick Santorum’s campaign, confident that having waited so long and stroking a conservative so far down in the polls that he has virtually no chance of rising, her efforts would have no real impact on the race — but just might give her cover from increasingly insistent suggestions that she is little more than a (in this election cycle) a Romney shill.

Personally, I believe if she had her druthers, she’d have mounted the Huntsman juggernaut. But a WaPo conservative’s gotta do what a WaPo conservative’s gotta do…
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Sally said...

Hammer, give up on the Bachmann dream. But CW, Romney needs to start spending some time in Iowa. What is he waiting for?

Anonymous said...

NEWT 2012

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