Thursday, November 17, 2011

Liberal Millionaires Want to Pay More Taxes; Unable to Identify What Is Stopping Them

A group of lefty self-proclaimed millionaires trooped to Capitol Hill yesterday to tell their elected representatives that they wished to pay more taxes.  It is not immediately apparent why they were unable to avail themselves of the already established method of doing so, nor did it appear that the fawning sycophants covering the event thought to ask them.  I would LOVE to review the tax returns of this bunch, to see how many of them availed themselves of the various deductions and credits for which they were eligible.  Perhaps before they agitate to raise everyone else's taxes, they should consider methods to maximize their own rate.


Harold Huge Head said...

Not to over-nerdify things, but...

"The simplest moral theory I can imagine that would justify Karl's position says: (a) you're morally obligated to obey the law, (b) morally obligated to support utility-maximizing laws, but (c) not morally obligated to unilaterally maximize utility. But just imagine making a populist protest sign consistent with this position. An egalitarian who defers to the law, does cost-benefit policy analysis, and refuses to go above and beyond the call of duty has become everything he hates."

Mudge said...

It's the classic liberal character trait to argue vehemently for what should be done, until it actually affects them at which time they lobby for exemption, waiver or down-on-my-luck forgiveness...or don't lobby at all and just disregard the new law they helped to pass. I have neither tolerance of, nor time for those so ignorant of the principles upon which this exceptional nation was founded.

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