Sunday, November 27, 2011

On Yesterday's Drubbing

Virginia Tech rolled into Charlottesville yesterday and beat us like a drum, 38-0.  There was nothing good about this day, nothing at all.  They manhandled us on the offensive line, their skilled position players made ours look like Ankle-biters, and our defensive backfield evidently phoned this one in from whatever Bowl Game they were thinking about.

Worst of all, there were--to my estimation--at least as many Tech fans in the stadium as there were UVA fans.  Now of course, Tech travels well--and opposing teams have the opportunity to buy a certain amount of set-aside tickets.  But the tech folks were interspersed throughout the crowd, pretty much everywhere but the student section.  To me, this means that there were a ton of UVA fans who didn't go--but more execrably--gave their tickets to Hokies.

And because my season tix are on the low end of the dollar scale, I just happen to be in the general vicinity of where the opposing team's seats are set aside.  I was thoroughly overwhelmed by Hokies.  It really was an unsatisfactory day from start to finish.

On the subject of tailgaters--you don't get to park your vehicle and then set up your ring of chairs in the space next to you.  You put your chairs astern of your bumper, and leave the spaces for others.  It was AMAZING how many douchebags (of both schools) were taking up spaces like this--on the biggest game of the year with the largest expected crowd.  UVA cops/officials were nowhere to be found.


Robtom said...

I can't believe that a country squire like yourself still has tickets in the cheap seats. Is this a way to rub elbows with the common man? Do you give your seatmates the "high five" when your team scores?

"The Hammer" said...

My goodness, we are in a bad mood this morning.

Let's look at this rationally. You know yourself Virginia didn't have a hope in hell of winning that game. They're a talented team with a lot of potential but at this stage they are no match for Frank Beamer's machine...few are. So let's get past this and look to next year.

Now, the tailgating issue. There are fans and there are people who don't have a life. Tailgaters, like RV camping folks or wife-swappers or unions members, are a strange lot. They focus their miserable existence on one narrow pursuit which they think will bring them a happy and fulfilling life. By the time they realize the futility of it all, they have usually in the depths of alcoholism or riddled with chlamydia or a combination of various maladies. So, view these people with pity and remember, you don't want to park beside them any damned way.

O. Q. Pyre said...

Just because you are wealthy enough to buy your way into a tailgating parking space doesn't mean you own it. This earth, all of it, including your precious adjacent parking space, belongs to the masses not just the wealthy. We will show you--first by repossessing your tailgating parking spots then taking over your newly-refurbished waterfront mansions! We are the 99% and we make up almost 1/1,000,000th of the population and we want you to send us to college for free so we can major in math and stuff...but not really math cause that's kinda hard.

The Conservative Wahoo said...

Hammer--I gave UVA a one chance in 8 of winning. That's not the issue. 38-0. That's the issue. It was a drumming from start to finish.

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