Wednesday, May 21, 2014

A Race to the Bottom

I'm not a big Glenn Beck fan. Don't get me wrong, it's not his politics that bother me, more often than not we're in agreement. It's his shtick. He so easily opens himself up to criticism and the media loves to position him as a sort of half-assed lunatic conspiracy guy (a few bricks shy of a load) which they then use to smear the whole conservative movement. But on the plus side he's somewhat informative and he's not afraid to call out scumbags like George Soros. But then, the next thing you know he'll pull some embarrassing shit like cry (or something) and give ammunition to his critics. So he's very much a mixed bag.
However a few years back he did expose the Cloward and Piven strategy which absolutely nobody was talking about at the time and I, your favorite redneck blogger had never heard of. Yes I know, incredible but true especially since I'm a Goddamned fountain of political knowledge and enlightenment! But heck, you know that already.
Now, in case YOU have never heard of C&P (which is completely understandable given who YOU are), in a nutshell it postulates that the welfare state is just a means to appease the lower classes so as to thwart the inevitable Marxist revolution by the proletariat. These two lame brains came up with the brilliant idea to overwhelm the welfare state, break it financially, create tumult and chaos and thereby put everything back to where it should be along the lines of the Bolsheviks storming the Winter Palace. Real sweethearts these two. They power tested their theory in New York City in the John Lindsey days forcing Gerald Ford to bail out the Big Apple (you're probably too young to remember that you bunch of Goddamned whippersnappers!), so they know it can be done.
With 11 million on disability, food stamp recipients at an all-time high, Clinton era welfare reforms thrown out the window and the labor participation rate the lowest since Jimmy Carter days, well one must give the Devil his due. Judging from these factors, and with little or no interest coming from this Administration to address these unsustainable programs I have to conclude Obama is a Cloward and Piven kinda guy. I guess it really is a race to the bottom; a race to see if we can survive Obama's next two years.

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Tom de Plume said...

As one of my favorite bloggers writes,"Enjoy the decline".

I'm all for overwhelming the system and bringing it down. What C&Ps communist heroes didn't have was a well armed civilian opponent. A true revolution will enable us to cull the herd.

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