Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Orwell weeps

"Because if there’s one thing George Orwell stood for, it’s distorting the plain meaning of words to advance your collectivist political agenda."

No additional commentary required, because if you cannot see that irony, you cannot see any irony.


Anonymous said...

Her name is Krystal Ball. She was either going to be on MSNBC or a stripper. She chose poorly.

Dave P.

"The Hammer" said...

Ok well I sort of take her point. Animal Farm is an allegory about the abuses of capitalism (as Orwell saw them) and the betrayal of the revolution by the Bolsheviks. As I'm sure you know Orwell was no capitalist, and he put his money where his mouth is even fighting in the Spanish civil war against the fascist (to be referred to as "the right" for all time). Animal Farm was an indictment of BOTH Capitalism and Soviet Communism (specifically Stalin). But for this birdbrain to refer to, what was it she said(?) "the non-existent threat of communism" and try to portray this great book as somehow relevant to American style free enterprise (as once was) is ludicrous.
However, she is right in that presently the wealth is now going to the top, but not as a result of freedom or capitalism, but due to the (ironically enough) fascist policies of the left. The wealth gap is greatest in states and cities controlled guessed it, THE DEMOCRATS! I guess she overlooked that fact.

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