Friday, May 30, 2014

Big Fat Friday Free For All

What's the matter, Chum?  About to lose that car, driver, and annual invitation to the White House Christmas Party?  Your wife gonna sell your basketball team?  Give a big speech this week that nobody gave a damn about?

Share with us, friends.  Share!

Weighed in at 186.4 today, down 2.0 from last Friday.

As you can see from the photo sent in by Tom de Plume, he's making solid progress too.

But I'm coming after you, de Plume!


C Norris said...

From the stories I hear about Tom de Plume, that must be the weight of his balls registered on that scale.

Tubby said...

Met an Obamette this past weekend, a 20 something who works for Emily's List who seemed to be unaware that her employer was not focused on electing those to office based upon their inability to pee standing, but only those who sat to pee and are Democrats.

She was telling of the superiority of the Italian health care system's superiority over our own, which caused me to inquire as to her experience with it. Of course she never actually had to use it, or pay the taxes to support that free system, but she spent a year in college in Italy, so she is somewhat of an expert.

I pointed out to her that those of us who pay the bills are pissed off enough at the $20 trillion spent over the last 50 years that has gotten us nothing but a permanent welfare underclass, but that we also resent paying the bills of entitled little rich girls who have (or daddy has) the funds to spend a year abroad.

I hope I insulted her enough to casue her never to leave whatever liberal hole she inhabits.

JB said...

How about a President, who during his remarks this morning on the resignation of his VA Secretary, noted that this problem goes far beyond Phoenix, but in his "plan of action" cites a bunch of consequences for the Phoenix office?!?!

Libby Rell said...


Sexist bully.

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