Sunday, May 4, 2014

The continuing crisis

Coastal elites watch: New York schools are the most segregated in the country. Roll that puppy out at your next cocktail party. (Friendly reminder: New York State spends more money per student than any other state. One cannot help but wonder if all those liberal New York voters are willing to spend so much on their local schools because their districts are so, er, homogeneous.)

Do you drive with an erect posture and hands in the recommended "10 - 2" position? That, according to at least one hanging federal judge, is probable cause. All the more reason to watch this spectacular video.

Lost in the "Dude, that was two years ago" thing was this interesting moment:

VIETOR: That's fair. And I was among people who prepped Susan Rice. And we talked about, you know -- the protests were front and center in Ben [Rhodes]'s e-mail because there was still concern about additional violence in the region.

BAIER: Let's go to the talking points.

VIETOR: It was and there were Friday prayers in a number of countries like Pakistan and we were extremely worried.

Why would people praying make the Obama administration "extremely worried"? Do tell.

How not to be awful on Cinco de Mayo. The analogy to "Everyone’s a Jew and Also Drunk Day" is pretty good, actually. Oh, and an old TigerHawk post on the origins of the day.

Dartmouth College took in 14.5% fewer applications, following a year of protests on campus. Apart from the lost revenue, this hardly matters. On the numbers, Dartmouth has become absurdly difficult to get in to, along with the rest of the elite colleges. If it admits 2200 out of 19,500 instead of 22,000, who cares, apart from a few Ivy League scorekeepers? But -- and this is the really interesting question nobody will even try to answer -- has all this turmoil influenced the applicant pool to the left? That, it seems to me, is the probable (if impossible to prove) consequence of all of this. The question is one of degree, and whether the knock-on effect might be to nudge Dartmouth's competitors to the right.

Oh, and I'm available to speak at Rutgers' commencement. Pass the word.

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