Thursday, May 15, 2014

Springtime on the Shore

Like a good bit of America, spring has re-awakened life here on the Eastern Shore of Maryland.  I live here because that's where the Kittens live.  For much of the year, say from November to April, the 75 mile each way commute over to DC--much of the time made in the dark--makes me question the wisdom of living out here. Life on the water in fall and winter is nice...what with winged table fare offering itself for my consumption...but it isn't great enough to justify the drive.  Spring and summer however, more than amply make up for the it.

The Kitten hosted a party at our place today, a luncheon for the folks who volunteer at the kids' school here in town.  I took a little time out of my at home workday to act as parking superintendent and to make nice with the local ladies.  The place looked wonderful.  The pool is open, the grass was freshly cut, color is everywhere--though her peonies are a bit reticent to show their faces this year.  As I walked around the yard, I thought of the time I'd spend in the pool this summer, the time I'd spend on the back porch eating crabs, the time I'd spend fishing on the end of our dock, the time I'd spend ripping around the river in the Whaler (ok, with the Kitten driving most of the time.  She's just a better boathandler than I), the time I'd spend playing with the dogs in the yard--and I began to question why I ever envy city dwellers.  But I know...when the snap returns to the air....I'll think about a high rise, and wall to wall carpet again.

Truth be told, if I had an everyday job over in the city, I'd probably take an apartment there like I used to.  Maybe I will again someday.  I do miss walking everywhere, I miss the sound of the newspaper being dropped in front of my door early in the morning, and I miss the utter convenience of Arlington.  When I first started courting the Kitten, we talked about keeping the apartment, turning the second bedroom into a room for the Kittens, retaining a little pied a terre....but it didn't work out that way.  I traded the expense of the apartment for the expense of the Jag.  Good trade, in many ways.

We have a good summer ahead of us.  The older Kitten comes home from school around the first of June, and then three weeks later she, her sister and her mother take off on vacation, with me joining them in progress. I don't think I'll take a place on the Outer Banks this year, maybe I'll do a little late August "StayCation" here.  Point is, come and pay us a visit.  There are worse things then cocktails in the gloaming overlooking the Miles...


PK said...

Am I allowed to note the humor in the fact that the Kitten is a better boat handler than you, Captain?

(You lobbed it; I swung. That's what I do.)

The Conservative Wahoo said...

I had people who did that for me.

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