Thursday, May 22, 2014

Light Reading

Take a look at this NYT story from today.  I've downloaded the policy book and plan to read it this weekend.  Here's some of what I like from the piece:

"These writers and scholars thought Mitt Romney was overly focused on entrepreneurship. Kate O’Beirne, who is an adviser to the YG Network, said the 2012 Republican convention “seemed like an N.F.I.B. convention,” a reference to the National Federation of Independent Business.

“News flash: Most people don’t own their own businesses,” she said.

The “reform conservatives” also hope to avoid a repeat of some of the 2012 debates.

“There was more talk in the Republican primary debates about electrified fences than higher education,” said Mr. Wehner, referring to discussions about border security. “We’re not going to win another presidential election if that is our approach.”

This is some of what Rick Santorum said at CPAC, and I think they are onto something.  It was nice to go around yelling "You didn't build that", but for the overwhelming number of people who vote Republican--they didn't build it either.

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