Saturday, May 10, 2014

I'm Right, You're Wrong and The Country is Going to Hell!

Did you see this? Thom Tillis, our Republican establishment backed Senatorial candidate, fresh from his NC primary victory, feeling good feeling right like Saturday night, the first thing he does after getting the required 40% thereby avoiding a runoff is high tail it on over to...(think of something crazy now)...wait for it... that's right, MS-Goddamn-NBC for an interview! I can hear you now, "Really, is he an idiot or what?" Well I quite agree friends. Call me crazy but if I'm the winning pitcher for the New York Yankees and I've just kick hell out of the Red Sox at Fenway, my next interview will not be with the local Boston sports radio station hawking my new manly fragrance line at K-Mart. "The Hill" wasn't that impressed either as you can see from their headline...

Tillis opposed increasing NC wage in 2010

Hmmm, ya think they might be referring to the state mandated job killing minimum wage or just wages in general, because that's what it sounds like. But what the hay, you go on MSLSD you deserve what you get. Kay Hagan will probably die in office.

In more local NC politics you could give a shit about, two former mayors of North Carolina's two largest cities, Charlotte "The Queen City" (eat your heart out Chapel Hill) and Raleigh, the honorables Richard Vinroot and Charles Meeker think it's just horrible that legislators are allowed to decide congressional districts. There's got to be a better way rather than all this gerrymandering, by Golly it's just not right! "We tell our children to play fair, this is about playing fair in elections" said the former Tar Heel basketball standout who remains oddly silent on the academic cheating scandal currently (and for the past 5 years) unfolding at UNC. Mayor Vinroot, ostensibly a Republican, had no similar criticisms during his tenure as Charlotte's chief executive when part of his city was in the "pinwheel" district which ran from Greensboro to Charlotte along I-85 for 180 miles. I wonder how many people live in the middle of an Interstate highway? I'm thinking not that many.
But we've all come to expect this from our Country Club Republican types. I can hear the conversation now..."Richie, this is Charlie, in the spirit of bi-partisan cooperation we Democrats would like your support so we can change this racist, homophobic, misogynistic system where Republicans get to draw the districts when they're in charge, only Democrats should be allowed to do that... can I count on you?" "Sure Charlie, anything for a fellow progressive."

Well it looks like CW's favorite NC Republican Renee Ellmers will be squaring off against CW's favorite American Idol Clay Aiken in what promises to be a knock-down, drag-out political slug-fest. Ellmers has thrown the first volley with cutting remarks like "He couldn't even win American Idol, he came in second". Aiken responded that Ellmer's fashion sense was atrocious and that red pantsuit she's so fond of makes her look like a used tampon. Friends this will get ugly...stay tuned.

So there you have it, it's 10:40 AM, time for a cold one.

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LL said...

I am not firing a shot at NC, but it's quite a world where a gay singing talent runner up would be considered for high political office.

Naturally, it's not without precedent when you consider that Al Franken, a comedian, becomes a senator or Gopher from the Love Boat is the people's choice.

Or a professional semi-negro and political activist who had never held a straight job in his life became president twice. He makes the gay singing competition winner look qualified.

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