Saturday, May 3, 2014

Tigerhawk: Just What This Blog Needed

I began this blog five years ago, largely inspired by the cerebral right of center blog "Tigerhawk", authored by an Iowan/Princeton grad who seemed to write about a lot of things that I thought mattered.  He did so with great wit and insight, and he had about him a number of comment makers who did not necessarily see the world his way, but with whom he had an easy banter.  I set out to make this blog into something like it.

As he describes below, Tigerhawk had to stop his political blogging, and I felt the interwebs got a little less interesting when that happened.  So when I read on Facebook that he would be retiring soon, I thought he might like a little space here should he wish to re-start his political scribblings.  He took me up on the offer almost immediately, and we--the Conservative Wahoo readership--are the better for it.

Life has caught up with me, and I invariably spend less time with this blog than I would like to.  Hammer's done a great job of keeping up content, but Mudge seems content to hurl comments from Virginia's Eastern Shore, while Sally has fallen off the map.  The addition of Tigerhawk to the team--and the whiff of Presidential politics beginning to simmer--will invariably draw me back in to the fold in a much more applied way.  If only Goldwater's Ghost--the premier witty Conservative blogger for my money--would come out of retirement, we'd be a force to reckon with!

But fair warning, gang.  I continue to exercise comment approval, and I will be ruthless in that practice in order to maintain the civility that we seek here.  Tigerhawk's followers were smart, creative, and often disagreed with him--and they let him know it.  I imagine they'll come find him here, and they will be heard.

Tigerhawk--welcome.  I am grateful to you for hanging your shingle here, and I look forward to reading your thoughts.


"The Hammer" said...

Thank you so much for those kind comments CW, and I very much welcome Tigerhawk back from his apparently self-imposed exile (he's not been in prison or anything has he?)
I just love his nom de guerre, as you well know I've always been a big Princeton fan and Bill Bradley is like a God to me. In fact the whole State of New Jersey is a place of dreams, a place that the citizens of this great nation hold as a paragon of enlightenment and virtue. So much so it seems one cannot go anywhere these days without seeing some loud 380 lbs yankee prick wolfing down pizza or hoards of young, slutty looking "ethnic" women with big hair à la Snooki.
Plus Iowa, what can one say about Iowa? Cows, corn and traditional farm cuisine (carrot salad with raisins and mayonnaise, Mac 'n cheese with hot dogs mixed in and corn flakes sprinkled on top...YUM!). It's the home of John Deere Tractor (Sioux City) and the Paris of the Mississippi...Davenport! Why I frequently dream of strolling along the "left bank" ("Rive Gauche" to Davenportians) with its brasseries full of beautiful people wearing Wrangler jeans, Amana Radar Range t-shirts and sandals with socks.
So again, welcome Tigerhawk, that's exactly what this blog needs...a little class.

TigerHawk said...

One is reluctant to propose technical corrections after such lavish praise, but it should be said that Davenport is on the right bank, actually, insofar as the Mississippi flows south.

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