Friday, June 13, 2014

Big Fat Free For All Friday (CW AWOL Edition)

Bummed out that we helped the Syrian rebels and now they're drinking Turkish coffee in Tikrit?
In a deep funk since our wonderful House Majority Leader and all around good guy Eric Cantor was defeated by a blatant appeal to racism in a bigoted Southern district?
Sad because your dog died and a great substitute would be to adopt an El Salvadorian 9 year old but hey, there just aren't any around.
Got drunk at a party and did something stupid?
Well now's the time to bitch...bitch. 

1 comment:

Tom de Plume said...

Wow. Incredible photo.

Just think, if Nixon had been black, he wouldn't have had to worry about the "decent interval" in formulating a strategy for withdrawal from Viet Nam.

But the world cheered the election of the sh!t sandwich named Barack Hussein Obama. Now it is time for them to take a bite.

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