Friday, June 27, 2014

Big Fat Free For All Friday: CW's Birthday Edition

Today our friend, our mentor and quite possibly
(well at least Irishman) is celebrating his birthday!
Although his age is guarded with the zeal of Hillary and Bill Clinton's medical records, I have it on good authority that CW is today 49 years young (he looks twice that, but that's another story).

So, to the man who's self absorption knows no bounds, the man with whom the "selfie" has become an obsession (it runs in the family), the man who's fashion sense parallels a psychotic's grasp of reality, I think I can speak for us all when I say congratulations on such a momentous occasion and many happy returns.


Dear old Dad said...

Happy Birthday from one of the persons who was responsible for the CW's first addition fom his crib 49 years ago.

JB said...

Hammer, when are you going to give us the score for your World Cup group play predictions (you know, how US would be lucky to get a point, and Spain & England were locks to make it through to the elimination round)??

"The Hammer" said...

Where the hell you been JB? It's up.
I don't think a score is necessary but I'll put it like this, if I had gone to a London bookie and bet $1000 England, Italy and Spain would all go out in the first round, then money would never be an issue for me (just like CW, he's loaded!). Nobody saw this coming, but then again shit happens in sports.

JB said...

Hammer, I must've posted my comment while you were still "a-huntin' & a-peckin'" on the results.

The Conservative Wahoo said...

Thank you, Hammer. The countdown to 50 has begun, and I expect quite a turnout from NC for that blowout.

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