Thursday, June 26, 2014

Why I'm NOT a Republican #4,678

The powers that be are at it again. Rather than remain neutral in Thad Cochran's Senate primary runoff down in Mississippi, the party establishment decided to go more ways than one. They poured resources into the race but still, the numbers just weren't there. What's to be done I wonder? Oh yeah, let's take a page from every Goddamn Democrat we have hated since 1964 and scare shit outta black folks. Yeah, THAT'S the ticket.

Well it worked. Our Tea Party candidate (or as I choose to describe them, conservative advocates for freedom and the rule of law under our Constitution) lost by 25-35k votes, cast by crossover Democrats who were scared shitless that their right to vote would be taken away.

Since when did the Republicans become the party of demagoguery? Since when did they use slimy dirty tricks and scare tactics to manipulate the ignorant out of a vote? Since when did they go down the road of ignoring the wishes of their own people and just "import" new people that were a little more malleable?

If you can judge someone or something by their enemies then the Republican Party establishment and Barack Obama have a good deal in common. This isn't the first time this has happened and it won't be the last. A guy with a 57% conservative rating is NOT the kind of guy Mississippians need in the US Senate. Furthermore, if the Republican Party wants to blow it's wad on other Republicans rather than the Democrats then have at it, but you'll do it without me.

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Mudge said...

I plan to attach this article and poster to my next "hell no" reply to the GOP request for funds. I've not sent them one cent over the past two years because I contended that they are acting like we aren't in a fight for this nation. After this inexcusable stunt, it would be smarter to send that money to Organizing for Action or Center for American Progress than hand it to people posing (and not well) as an alternative to them. To hell with the GoP. If the country goes down, trust me, it won't be because the GoP doesn't have enough money to prevent it. It'll be because their respect for the Constitution and the Rule of Law is subordinate to their lust for power...even if it is only the crumbs of power that the would be communists allow them to have.

And to all of you Democrats who voted in response to this asinine poster, consider just how stupid Cochran and his ilk in the national GoP take you to be (which is slightly less stupid than the National Democratic Party takes you to be). Maybe next time, you can consider attempting to prove him, and them, wrong rather than so perfectly affirming their low opinions of you.

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