Saturday, June 7, 2014

It's all Perot's Fault, Nixon Was an Amateur and Why We Need Reparations!

How did we get here? How in God's name have we elected and re-elected a lawless, feckless, incompetent amateur like Barack Obama? Well, as I've said many times before it's Ross Perot's fault.
In 1992 after eight years of Reagan and four years of George Bush the leftist media wanted us to believe America was ready for a change. Evidently the country was tired of prosperity at home and a pro-peace, pro-freedom agenda abroad...and like manna from Heaven along came Ross Perot.
Now you may recall Perot was a mouthy little son of a bitch but he was somewhat attractive with his "the elites are screwing us" rhetoric. Hell I even liked him for about 15 minutes but it soon became obvious he was definitely bush league (no pun intended) and needed to be President like I need to be a member of MADD. But what Perot wasn't and what he was never perceived to be was any kind of liberal. In fact liberals hated the big eared little pigmy with a passion but you wouldn't know it because they never uttered a critical word. Gee I wonder why? In the 1992 election out of about 104 million votes cast Perot got nearly 20 million (18.9% to be exact) and you can cool believe those votes didn't come out of Bill Clinton's column. Clearly George the first would have destroyed the Horny Hillbilly (nod to AC) in a one on one.
Clinton's first two years were kind of rocky to say the least (remember Hillarycare?) but after benefiting from a strong Republican Congress with good leadership and GREAT ideas (remember welfare reform?) the world was made safe for Democrat presidential candidates. He had the good sense to "triangulate" and marginalize the socialists in his party (most of them) and rode the coattails of prosperity provided to him by Newt & Co to a successful presidency in spite of all the scandals.
Without Clinton there could be no Obama and without Perot there could have been no Clinton. So thanks a lot Ross Perot, I hope that hard-on you had for the Bush family was worth it because you've helped the leftists damn near ruin this country. I hope you rot in hell.

Speaking of ruining the country have you read any Jonathan Turley lately? Well Turley is no conservative by any stretch but he is a pretty good Constitutional lawyer and a man of integrity. He was calling bullshit on Clinton back in the day for, what was it again(?) oh I remember now, blatant Goddamn two-four-barrel nitro friggin' purgury! Yeah that was it. But my man Turley thinks Nixon was a greenhorn chump when it comes to this imperial presidency thing. Plus he thinks Obama's disregard for the rule of law is approaching Constitutional crisis territory.
Chew on this dear friends, the Constitution of the Philippines was taken almost word for word from the US Constitution, but Marcos ignored and subverted it so it became meaningless...and so it goes in America. If our leaders in Congress don't grow a pair and start defending their powers as well the powers of the people as provided by this magnificent document then we are down the road to tyranny. I'd say we're about half way there as it is. Boner should push for a special prosecutor and let's get some investigations going. There is no bigger cause than protecting our freedom and liberty and sitting on the sidelines afraid you'll make a mistake and screw up the midterms is a strategy for losers and cowards.

Did you see this?  One of Obama's sycophants thinks reparations for black Americans is an idea who's time has come. This crap makes it into print every once in a while and when it does I love it. This is the Democrat's birther issue and the more lucid among them know it. White American has just about had it up to their eyeballs with this racist guilt bullshit and after six longs years of foodstamps and recessions (officially the economy shrunk last quarter by 1%, private estimates as much as 2.5%) this is just running up the score. David Frum (no doubt one of CW's favorite Republican consultants) argues it's a slippery slope that would lead to all kinds of groups wanting compensation. Well no shit Mr. Frum, you must be a genius but hey I don't have to tell you that. However never let it be said I'm not a reasonable Redneck, so let me jump on the bandwagon and be the first to demand compensatory damages for Sherman's March to the Sea (not a vacation resort for all you thirty-somethings) and while we're at it let's give California back to the Mexicans and the Iowa back to the Sioux Nation. Who's with me?

That's all I got, now piss off I'm busy.

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