Saturday, June 28, 2014

Dispatch from the Tropics, Part II

As I was saying, I hate blogging on an iPad. For some reason, it just stopped where I was and I could not figure out how to keep going.  Hence, a two part post.

Second, the place spreads along the shore beautifully, but we are at one end, comletely opposite from the pool and removed from the little shops, pub and such.  Long walks are required for just about anything, in addition to multiple stair climbs.

All of this walking and climbing is essential, because there is no gym.  I really have come to be pretty particular about lodging and gyms. Hell, if I am expected to eat like I am on vacation, I damn sure better be able to work it off.

Next is internet. I don't care to listen to the bullshit, "you're on vacation, why do you need internet?" this is the 21st century, and lots of folks live their lives with the internet as a valuable tool for work and play.  I dont mind paying for internet, just give me the option.  ATT is where I turned to enable this post, but I should get wifi in my room.

Pretty minor bitches, all in all. It really is a bit of paradise, and properly supported, I could live for extended periods here.  For some reason, I like seeing the Flag of the UK here. Comforting to know that at the end of this food chain is the Queen and our best friend.

As some might be disappointed if I did not decribe my travelling rig, I describe it as "soccer Dad geek"' with a pair of plaid shorts, a blue collared shirt, and running shoes with ankle high Nike socks (Just Do What?).  I wore the trainers rather than flip flops solely as a logistical matter, as sneakers take up a good bit of suitcase.  My attire here has improved over my travel rig, but let's just say, thank goodness for long sleeved sun shirts.

The Kitten has decreed that we dine tonight at some place other than our Gtmo like resort, which appears to involve somewhat of an extensive walk. I look foward to reaching our destination in max-schvitz, and then achieving that state again on the walk home.  Cheers!

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