Tuesday, June 24, 2014

On the IRS Scandal

John Koskinen, Commissioner of the IRS and Face of Arrogant Government
That's right, scandal. I'm pretty fired up about this, and you should be too.  The organization that would insert a red-hot-poker in you for not having dinner receipts from four years ago "discovered" that the hard drive of its Commissioner had been destroyed 10 days after it was subpoenaed by Congress.  The current Commissioner--John Koskinen--has now appeared before two separate House Committees and has arrogantly stonewalled while insisting that the investigation into ADMITTED targeting of political enemies of the President is political in nature.

That he is the Commissioner of the IRS is reason enough to have distaste for Mr. Koskinen.  That he is a strong contributor to Democrats and the Democratic Party is another.  The third strike is his philanthropy at Duke, which could be the biggest reason to despise him.   Whatever your reasons for disliking him, his blatant stonewalling and "see no evil" approach to the loss of these emails is enraging.

While I should have been watching the College World Series, my attention was called to the theater of the absurd going on last night as Mr. Koskinen testified before a House Panel.  Lord grant me Mr. Koskinen's demeanor should I ever be subject to adversarial questioning...I can surely say that.  But at the heart of this matter is the fact that the IRS was not following GOVERNMENT REQUIRED document retention procedures, that it paid out $87M in bonuses and spent $50M in conferences (2010-2012) but did not have the money to backup its email (it printed those it considered to be "official", which apparently none of the 67,000 Lois Lerner emails were).

One of two things is true, and possibly both.  One...there is a coverup that goes to the very heart of the Obama Administration, that the IRS and the Obama Campaign conspired to target/silence Conservative groups and then covered their tracks.  Two...there is a profound ineptitude in modern American government, that it cannot do many simple things right, that such government is increasingly turned to by this administration as the answer to solving big problems and that we are consistently realizing that such government cannot possibly do what it is being asked to do.

The agency charged with a good deal of the enforcement of Obamacare--the IRS--cannot back up its own files.  Let that sink in, friends.

When will the American public wake up to how badly they've been duped?  The video of Democratic lawmakers APOLOGIZING to the Commissioner of the IRS should be part of virtually every RNC ad buy for the next two years.

We have entered some kind of bizzaro-world where the IRS is seen as a victim and an obfuscating bureaucrat is hailed as a hero.  Get your head out of your ass, America.


LL said...

John Koskinen reflects everything that is wrong with government.
* Crony appointments without oversight.
* A complete lack of ethics.
* Incompetence
* Supreme Arrogance

I would like to lecture Koskinen about what it means to be a PUBLIC SERVANT, but it wouldn't sink in. Koskinen would stare at me like a cow watching a passing train.

BigFred said...

This is bigger than Watergate, with the exception that maybe the pResident did not order it personally. Fast and Furious gun running. This. Obama care. Anything the EPA has done in six years. And the bought and paid for media could care less. Some moke from Uruguay biting an Italian defender in the World Cup is getting more air time from the bought and paid for media. When the Republicans retake the White House, I do not want to hear a single word about anything they do. Not a single word. The MSM has given up that right. Forfeited it. And since when do you get called to testify before Congress and say "I don't know?" Do these people not have a Staff? The IRS Director does not have someone to keep him out of trouble? Of course he does. Never had any intention of telling the truth or answering honestly. You know what these heads of Agencies need? Shinseki, this IRS moke and the head of the ATF? Jail time.

Mudge said...

Great post, CW. I don't know where it is exactly, but I feel we are ever closer to a proverbial tipping point. On one side are the Progressives and their ever increasing flock of sheep. On the other side are men and women who understand and cherish liberty and who have availed themselves of the rights guaranteed by the 2nd Amendment. Oh, and in the middle are what Hammer calls Country Club Republicans who just don't want the balance upset and will lean left or right as they think necessary to maintain what they think is the comfortable status quo. The problem is, those folks in the middle don't realize the difference between being in balance and being on the edge of a tipping point. They are distinctly different. They're too busy worrying about the Conservatives pulling too hard to the right when the status quo is already hard left.
BTW, the only story the MSM felt reportable on this IRS tyrannical overreach yesterday was that Darryl Issa used "harsh words" ("hostile witness) to describe the former IRS (now Administration) lawyer who he had to subpoena to testify (she had earlier refused to appear). The MSM reported THIS as the big story...and ended it with Issa retracting his "contentious label" (he replaced it with "non-cooperative witness"). As far as ABC News was concerned this was the entire story, start to finish, instead of the beginning of the story. For the cream-filled center of the story, they included a sound bite from reliable liar and racist with a free pass, Elijah Cummings, asking the witness if she was a "hostile witness" to which she answered ever so diminutively, "No Congressman, I am not." Well then, nice reporting ABC News. Get busy dusting off the shelf for your next Pulitzer on Investigative Journalism. You irrelevant pricks.

"The Hammer" said...

CW is right, this guy is a gift from Heaven!
A political ad hitman couldn't come up with a more obnoxious, more arrogant, more dislikable asshole if he went to central casting.
THIS could be the new face of the Democratic Party.

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