Monday, June 30, 2014

Dispatch from the Tropics Part III

Today is our last full day here Virgin Gorda. In the morning, we hop back on the ferry for the trip to Tortola, where we meet up with our friend Rob and his daughter, and our chartered sailboat.  The boat will be our home for yhe next week.  Rob and the Kitten were both sailing instructors, so we are in good hands as I am inept on sailboats. I suggested an "embarked Admiral" command and control arrangement which was declined in favor of "galley slave" status for me. At least I know we will eat well.

I have never done anything like the sailboat gig that is ahead of me, but I am looking forward to it. I was told it really sometimes takes a full week to achieve relaxation, and week two is where the relaxing actuaaly occurs. It appears to be working that way for me.  The Kittens have all sorts of grand plans on how to spend their last day here, but I will simply read, veg, and wash some skivvies and some foul smelling t-shirts.

On your next trip to the Carribean, I recommend eating the spiny lobster. It has a slightly different taste than coldwater varieties, but is wonderful nonetheless. Eating has been my main activity here, and I have excelled at it.  To offset some of the gluttony, I hiked along a "trail" over the top of the mountain behind our place yesterday.  There were periods of real paths, but mostly a lot of rocky footing that invited death or serious injury.  The Kitten comforted me as I set out by reminding me of the island triathalon later in the day, and the likelihood that SOMEONE would stumble over my body. So I had that going for me. It was a good workout and I did indeed defy death.  Enough for now friends, peace.

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