Friday, July 25, 2014

Big Fat Friday Free For All

An unidentified fat man and Tigerhawk
What's got you down, friend?  Another defeat in court for your signature legislative achievement?  A little "shoot down" get in the way of your fundraising fun?

Share, people.  Share.

If you have a kind bone in your body, send out cosmic good wishes to my paterfamilias Jimmy Wires who is recovering from some manner of arterial procedure.  It is a necessary predecessor to upcoming back surgery, which is necessary to his getting back on the golf course.

No weigh in today, on the road.

But a new photo of a fat person (me) after dinner with the famous Jack Henneman, a.k.a. Tigerhawk, latest addition to the team here at the CW, the inspiration for my becoming a blogger, and a damn fine dinner companion.


Silver Sadie said...

" A little "shoot down" get in the way of your fundraising fun?"

Since when does an issue like the downing of a civilian airliner, or a border crisis, or an invasion of a sovereign country, or a... EVER interfere with Hussein's fundraising, golf, or basketball fun?

NavyAustin said...

Hail to thee, fat person! You kept us out of war!

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