Saturday, July 5, 2014

Dispatch from the Tropics Part V

PUSSER'S COMPANY STORE AND RESTAURANT,  MARINA CAY BVI.  Free wifi is a welcome gift no matter where one is , but here it is of inestimable value.  We are moored off Marina Cay, and five of our six person pary having come ashore for lunch and to avail ourselves of the free interwebs. Rob, the Kitten's co-captain, stayed behind for what appears to have been a devilishly well-planned nap. The ladies ( my three, his one) have gone off on some sort of treasure hunt, leaving me the peace to write while they are off. Though the sound of the rain at my back seems to me to signal a brief treasure hunt indeed.

We retrieved the littlest Kitten from her sailing camp last night, and it was awesome to see her justifiably proud of herself. At this point, she knows far more about sailing than I do, that's a fact.

I find myself somewhat out of step with the rest of the crowd, who appear to have come on vacation to DO things...which is the opposite of why I take vacations. There are occasionally raised eyebrows when I demur from (yet another) snorkling trip In favor of a nap, or some reading. I have decided not to let their jittery need to be in motion sway me from my mission of relaxation bordering on sloth.  I do believe times like this raise questions in the Kitten's mind about my overall suitability, but I bank on my boyish grin and wit to paper over cosmic differences like this.

Unfortunately, I think I might not be cut out for two week vacations, at least not yet. I was told by a wise man that it takes a week to achieve true relaxation, then there is a week to enjoy it. For some reason, i relax pretty quickly...and then start worrying about work.  Maybe what I should do is take more one- week holidays...or maybe I ought to just realize the world won't stop spinning without me.

Our boat is airconditioned, but there is a sea-based repeat of the land-tussels that attend to the use of the device. The good news is that Rob is a rough and tough sailor like Cat, and he loves the AC,so I have a natural ally.

Ok, back to watching Alvin and the Chipmunks before dinner...

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