Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Dispatch from the Tropics Part IV

MOORED, PIRATE BIGHT, NORMAN ISLAND BVI.  We left our little resort yesterday morning to link up with one of the Kitten's sailing scool buddies and his eight year old daughter.  Together we took custody of a sailboat, upon which we will spend the next week. Rob and the Kitten are both excellent sailors, and I am a good cook, so my position as galley slave is well earned.  I arose this morning to gentle rocking and faint generator noise, after a blissful night's rest.

I have never done this cruising thing. So far, I like it. In fact, I like it better than the resort we stayed in because the boat has air conditioning and my pillow is not made of brick.  Rob is a delight, part of a group of friends I acquired along with the Kitten.  He is very much still in the sailing biz, as he owns a yacht rigging outfit in RI.  I could listen to his stories all night long.  He's really self effacing, which can be enormously entertaining in a storyteller.

The kids are asleep still, so the breakfast rush has yet to start. I see in the larder that we have not one but two boxes of pancake mix. Too bad I will not make them. I refuse, on principle. The Kittens make such an enormous mess at home with pancakes that I have become antipancakes. Someone else will have to do that cooking. I will make eggs, bagels, toast, sausage, cereal....but not pancakes.  

I have not heard yet from the Captains where we will go today, as if it makes any real difference. It will undoubtedly be beautiful and I will enjoy being there.  Cheers, Mates.


Mr. Lund said...

The satellite view of the Bight Bay shows something that looks like one or two large swimming pools. Any details on what this is?

The Conservative Wahoo said...

I am reliably told that they are called mudholes, but as to what purpose, my informant was not aware.

JB said...

Mr. Lund,
If you are referring to the 2 light blue areas on land that look like they could be swimming pools, my Google Map view shows that it is the light blue painted roof of the Pirate Bight Bar, Restaurant & Gift Shop

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