Wednesday, July 9, 2014

The Latest Communique From Redneckistan

Big business people have had it rough in recent years. I don't think we fully appreciate the humiliation and ridicule they've had to endure as Americans. How would you feel? You're a big-bidnez dude, worked hard at Sidwell Friends and Yale, the youngest VP in company history (with a little help from mummy and daddy and all your wonderful friends) and this evil system REQUIRES you to compete in the marketplace! Ok fine, competition is great, as long as you win but why should the system demand you go toe to toe with some, well PERSON who is obviously not of your (for lack of a better word) significance. Look around you. European business people don't have this burden. Governments and politicians understand the needs and concerns of (don't repeat this) the aristocracy. But now thanks to our President, American business people are a protected class (well some of them). Finally government get it! This administration has recognized the need and works with certain business entities to ensure their relevancy (and dominance) regardless of market perpetuity we all hope. But all credit cannot go just to President Obama and the Democrats, the Republicans did their part too. At long last American business can now compete on an even footing with the other nations of the world as we have removed the uncertainty and chaos of free enterprise capitalism and extended the much needed and appreciated hand of security and protection from our federal government... with one caveat, reciprocation.

Did you catch Germany vs. Brazil yesterday? Germany went blitzkrieg on their Portuguese asses 7-1 with five goals in the first 30 minutes. Look, this kinda thing can happen. Brazil's captain and best defender Thiago Silva was sidelined with suspension and it looks like they missed his leadership (to say the least). But damn, this NEVER happens to a Brazil squad. When Brazil last lost a match on home soil (apart from friendlies) I dear readers, was a strapping 21 year old looking to shag the arse off CW's UVA girlfiend(s), and woulda done it too, but he was, well 11 at the time. Anyway, I sure hope Holland can squeeze past Argentina (and Lionel Messi). I would love to see a rematch of 1974.

Did you notice NC's voter id law was under all out attack by the progressive (communist) left? Eric Holder's Justice Department (otherwise known as the Black Gestapo) has filed suit, the NY Times is bitching up a storm and the leftist media in general is going ape-shit. What's interesting is most of the law was based on Indiana's voter id law which has been adjudicated to death and found absolutely 100% A-OK constitutionally speaking. Plus the leftists doing the most bitching are from states that don't even have early voting etc. which NC hasn't completely done away with but has only cut back a bit. Look, we all know what's going on here. I'd say at minimum 5% of the vote in any given statewide election is fraud. In order to do this the left needs a big window to vote because the logistics of getting all those double voting people to the polls in one day (or even a few days) is too difficult and may attract attention. Plus if you've got a guy who votes in another state as well as NC (the Voter Integrity Project has found 35K so far) then he can't be in two places at once and absentee ballots are too high profile. In addition the left is playing the race card like it's Selma, Alabama 1962, a sure tipoff they're full of shit. This is just mid-term posturing I think. If they win in the courts they win, if not they've got what they hope will be a motivating issue for black turnout. Same old same old.

Have you been reading CW's posts from the Caribbean? It's somewhat interesting having never been. However if I were a Navy Commodore with saltwater in me veins I would be mortified I wasn't running the show. But if CW's comfortable riding in the backseat then suits me. We'll all be expecting a nice photo montage when he gets back and I ain't talking family photos (who gives a shit!). I mean really cool landscape shots, crystal clear blue water and beach babes, that kinda thing.

Well that's it, now get back to work. They ain't paying you to read bullshit all day.

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