Friday, July 25, 2014

Stop Discriminating Against Racists!

So much of the liberal/progressive agenda is race driven. It's their primary motivator and certainly their tactic of last resort. Anything they can turn into a race issue they will, be it supposed environmental issues like the Keystone pipeline (blacks suffer from pollution more than whites),  gun rights or even municipal services run primarily by blacks for a majority black population. The Race Card is to American leftists what Hyperdrive is to Star Wars characters; get your ass in trouble you can't get out of then HIT THE BUTTON and bam, you're good to go!

To win this country back, to restore the American dream we have to kill the Race Card. We have to make the world safe for racists. In other words we have to understand that freedom is the primary value here, NOT JUSTICE!

Of course we want a colorblind, just society, but we cannot fall into the trap of trying to have a perfect society to the detriment of the good. Freedom is freedom, we know how to do free, but what exactly is just? Justice is a very subjective and selective thing. It's a plasticized, ethereal, indeterminate good that nobody can describe. It's like porn, they know it when they see it, but the "they" is always changing. For example, is it just that Lebron James can play basketball extremely well and I can't? Is it just that Suzie is more attractive than Sarah, but Sarah is better at math? Freedom allows us to use our talents (and God given advantages) to our own personal and society's benefit. The pursuit of justice however, taken to extreme, results in a theoretical world (as yet unrealized) as described in Vonnegut's excellent Harrison Bergeron but to date is more like Kafka's The Trial (most certainly realized). Have a look at the Cultural Revolution or Stalin's purges if you doubt me.

The whole Civil Rights Movement was based on FREEDOM! It was a movement to free blacks from the shackles of Jim Crow. "Give us our freedom" they said and we'll do the rest, or as James Brown put it: "Don't give me anything, just open the door and I'll get it myself". Well too many didn't get it themselves, too many expected payback, too many wanted handouts. Why you ask?  Because leftists and "civil rights leaders" profited by their victimization. What could be MORE unjust or racist?

The 'justice trumps freedom" argument is being made today by people like the Rev. William Barber. This is an opportunity to burn the race card. We should absolutely engage the enemy on this issue with the moral authority of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. as our witness. Freedom is real, freedom works and ultimately freedom is the only justice.

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Mudge said...

Amen, or is it Awomen? Either way, well said.

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