Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Ruminations From Operation Bumblebee (as was)

CW and many clear thinking, independent Republicans who happen to NOT be called before House committees on a regular basis and are therefore free to express any opinion (and piss off anyone) they like, have been having a debate lately about the direction of the Republican Party. Should it be a tool of the establishment and big business or should it be the party of freedom and middle-class prosperity? Should special interest rule the day or will the rule of law? Does cheap labor trump immigration law? Bra snaps in the front or back?
A case right on point is the current fiasco happening on our southern border. Quite obviously this is a multi-facited disaster the most immediate of which is public health. Reportedly there are diseases we haven't seen in decades being imported in handy little vectors which will need to be feed and housed and educated (along with their extended families) to the tune of trillions of dollars no doubt.
So where are the screaming Republicans? In my state where is Thom Tillis? My God he should be hanging this around Kay Hagan's neck! This is the mother of all wedge issues for her. Most African-Americans see Latinos as a threat and they are as upset as Rednecks over the mayhem down in Tejas. Many liberals (not progressives mind you) are at the end of their rope. Teachers see only expense, and that expense will be funded from their hard fought pay raises. Medicaid funding is a real issue here so if we get an influx of diseased children (and adolescent MS-13 gangbangers) this could tip the balance back to recession (well worse recession). There's only so much artificially low interest rates and arbitrarily printing money can do.
But not a word from Speaker Tillis. Hagan must be beside herself with glee. The supercilious Republican Party establishment sits by and simultaneously screws the middle-class, does the bidding of the Mark Zuckerbergs of the world and ignores a game changing issue ALL AT ONCE! That's a pretty talented bunch we got running the show (thanks to David Brooks and guys like CW). We'll be lucky if WE don't have to learn Spanish. How do you say chagas disease in Mexkin?

As you well know I'm a little slow, but I eventually get it. I think I've finally figured out President Obama's political strategy. Let me see if I can describe the process...
Q:We want to "transform" the country into our progressive/fascist/socialist/communist vision. Some of the things we will have to do will be outside the law, and big things mind you. So, there is no way we can we hide all this scandalous behavior and law-breaking and they will hit the papers and we will have to deal with them. So how do we do it?
A: Scandal fatigue.
Have you noticed we've gone from one scandal to another every month or two? When the IRS and Lois Lehner becomes news we get Bo Bergdahl. When Bergdahl gets hot we get border crisis. Walk it back and you'll see it's one thing after another. The press and the American people are like the fat guy at Golden Corral... spoiled for choice. Before he can murder the chicken fried steak the mac 'n cheese with the corn flake topping catches his eye, then the sweet potatoes with the marshmallows and raisins jumps up, then the jello with the gummy bears inside...and on and on; consequently nothing gets the attention it deserves.
I underestimated Obama's team. Of course a compliant media is an absolute must for this kind of strategy. Just think, can you imagine if Bush had denied them access to a "refugee" camp like this administration did?

And last but not least a shout out to the bubbly Miss Charlotte who will be competing in the Miss World pageant in London.
I like these kinds of competitions...they're more honest. None of this playing Chopin (badly) on a borrowed Steinway, no tap dancing while waving a skimmer cap about (one of CW's favorites I hear) or embarrassing ventriloquist acts (dummies with dummies). No friends, this is all about the bikinis and if you ain't got the lungs for it you might as well stay home. They're not looking wholesome they're looking hot. So, Rose of Tralee it ain't and I think our representative has just enough slut appeal to pull it off plus if it doesn't work out Twin Peaks in the heart of the Queen City has a job waiting.

That's it from the barrier islands, now get back to your spreadsheet dipshit.


The Conservative Wahoo said...

I am trying not to be envious of your good fortune to be on the Outer Banks....it has been too long for me.

"The Hammer" said...

Not at the Outer Banks, I'm on Topsail Island. Don't they teach geography at UVA or were you too busy chasing skirts?

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