Saturday, July 5, 2014

The Hammer is Always Listening

One of the truisms in politics is you never pay attention to what someone says, you watch what they do. Well that's usually the case but not always. Every now and then people (or politicians) will tell you exactly what they think and/or intend. It's the herd thing, e.g. when lemurs see a predator they start screeching, or one guy among a bunch of other guys in a bar might send up the alarm; "check out the ass on that babe!" It's built into our DNA.

Well for the Democrats Governor Jerry Brown is the drunk in the bar. He's always had a problem keeping his mouth shut, always giving away the game plan. He's an absolutely dependable 60's radical beloved by the Marxists now in control of the party but their attitude seems to be: Damn Jerry, show a little discretion why dontcha? You want to awake the sleeping masses and gets us fired? Isn't it interesting that Marxism is a movement of the masses but now uses every trick to subdue the will of the masses, but I digress.  

So Governor Brown has done it again with a speech before Latino bureaucrats and politicians in California as reported by the LA Times (and left to die) in their political section (good luck finding it anywhere else). In it Gov. Brown for all intents and purposes concedes the State of California to Mexico..."The Mexicans threw out the Spanish around 1815, and then, of course, the gringos threw out the Mexicans in 1846 or 1848. But the point is you never keep control forever. There's always new waves coming and you've got to stay ahead of the wave". Now forget about the fact that Jerry used a vile racial slur which for any other ethnic group other than caucasian would land the Governor on the front page of every newspaper in the country and mark the end of his political career. Yeah let's just ignore that, but the Governor fails to mention he and his cohorts in the Democrat Party are largely responsible for these "waves". It is they who have ignored their obligation to enforce the law, including immigration law, it is they who have subverted the will of the people with legal challenges to things like Prop 187 (voted on by ALL the people) which barred benefits to illegals etc., it is they who shower tax payer money (and debt) on scofflaws, outlaws and criminals, and it is they who seek the destruction of America and freedom by importing Third World peoples who will eventually and inevitably turn us into a Third World nation led by Third World thugs.

I've been screaming for ten plus years that the goal of Democrats was to break the country apart with immigration, starting with California. For all of you who have dismissed me as a nutcase I will now entertain an apology. But in lieu of that apology I would appreciate it if you would get your head out of your ass and just start listening.

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