Sunday, July 13, 2014

Dispatch from the Farm

At war again with the crepe myrtle
The two weeks I took off for vacation have taken their toll.  I am underneath a ton of work and am only now beginning to climb out from the pile.  The Kitten took Kitten 2.0 away for a horse show this weekend, and so my domestic responsibilities declined dramatically at a key time.  I have been invited to testify before the House Armed Services Committee, Sub-committee on Seapower and Projection Forces this coming Wednesday, and my written testimony is due to the Committee tomorrow.  Yesterday was spent on draft one, today will be spent cleaning it up.  On Friday I'm moderating a little think tank gathering at Heritage, and then doing so again on the 24th at Hudson.  In the meantime, I'm working three different study proposals and chapter for a book being produced in Germany.  All of which comes AFTER I've done all I can do to serve my paying clients, several of whom are deeply engaged in incredibly interesting stuff.  I love what I do...but every now and then, the piper must be paid.

None of this stuff was worked on while I lollygagged on a boat, and so the chickens have come home to roost.  Yesterday's labors were particularly oppressive, as I had yet to bring the A/C down from the garage attic.  I rectified this failure this morning, and the box is now in the window providing me with aid and comfort necessary to attack the mountain.

No time of year is quite like the summer here on the Farm.  The renovation we did a couple of years ago, together with the Kitten's natural good taste in landscaping, makes this a pretty nice place to bunk, all in all.  I have renewed my ongoing battle with the crepe myrtle which befouls our lovely pool in a way that the Kittens all feel "looks pretty" but which if left un-policed, renders the filter inop.  Kitten 1.0 approached me yesterday with a moneymaking scheme that included regular pool maintenance, and so we are in heated negotiations as to scope, cost, etc.

Of course, some of you may be saying, "CW, if you're so damn busy, why are you blogging?"  Easy.  Because I like doing what I want to do.



Tom de Plume said...

You had a week without Kittens and a visit from a man who knows his way around power tools. You could have taken care of the crepe myrtle, but instead, you bitch.

The Conservative Wahoo said...

You are on crack if you think I would touch that tree. I would be out on my ass without ceremony if I took matters into my own hands.

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