Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Are You Getting This?

Let's see, Trump is stomping all over his wedding tackle with some really stupid comments. Everybody, and I mean EVERYBODY is ragging his ass down to the ground. He lost his tv show, companies are dropping him like a bad habit, he's losing money no doubt and probably his mama don't love him no more. So what does he do? He doubles down.

But somebody likes it, including me. Check out these numbers, the Carlos Slim owned NY Times must be beside themselves. Do you have any clue why Trump is doing well? Well Here's the Hammeratic theory on the subject. He's got balls. He doesn't back down at the first sign of trouble. He ain't no media bitch. Plus he's putting front and center the most important issue for MIDDLE CLASS AMERICA of our lifetime...IMMIGRATION!

People are just sick of the bullshit. They're sick to death of weakness. They're sick of politicians that run as this and govern as that. No way Trump will win, but if any politician on either side tries to discredit him I predict they will pay a heavy price. Rick Perry is about to find that out.

They're so stupid. Treat Trump as Clinton treated Perot...adopt his policies. Come out right now and declare that the days of open borders are over. No more 1100 peons a day walking across our border. No more drug cartels setting up pot fields in our national forests. No more anchor babies and maternity tourism. NO MORE! We're tired of it. WE'VE HAD ENOUGH!

We will militarize the border if that's what it takes. We will will build a fence and the Mexicans will help pay for it, or wish they had. Furthermore LEGAL immigration is now on hold, no more until we can sort out those already here. No more hiring of illegals punishable by jail time. Tourists, students etc. will be required to check in often with immigration otherwise jail time and deportation.

We have one last chance, get a handle on this shit or look for another country because this one won't be worth living in. Trump is speaking to this frustration, he's being strong and proactive, and we "CRAZIES" love it!

TRUMP +11!

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