Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Glass Half Full or Half Empty?

Are you an optimistic kinda guy or gal? I like to think I am. Like most folks I've had my share of travails in life and my attitude was that I can work through them, eventually everything will get better. That approach has served me well. But I am less optimistic about America's future. Obama told us he would FUNDAMENTALLY change America, and he has.

After reading Coulter's book "Adios America" it is crystal clear to me that we Americans are not in control. Through our apathy and fear we have allowed Progressives to change America in ways that will deny our children their God given freedom, prosperity and rights. RedStaterNYC said it much better than I ever could.

The United States of America, for all her faults and inner turmoil, was simply the greatest nation this world had ever seen. There was never anything like her, and there may never be anything like her again. She represented the best of humanity: Heroism, adventure, compassion, generosity, responsibility, industry, honor, achievement. And, up until her decay into a multicultural/racial cesspool and tyrannical socialist empire, she was, like science, self-correcting—the consequence of the brilliant vision enacted by her founding fathers who saw that individual liberty was the key both to human happiness and excellence.

That WAS America. The America I grew up in put a man on the moon, not because it was easy, but it because it was hard (to paraphrase JFK). But it's already too late, at this point we're just rearrainging the chairs on the Titanic. If we need a cause or a reason just look in the mirror, but let me just say this in case some future society faces the same problems (by way of example the Romans told us, but we didn't listen). There are three kinds of people who cross borders be they national or state borders.
1) Visitors
2) Those who admire and respect the culture and hope to assimilate into said culture.
3) Those who do not wish to assimilate and have no intention of assimilating but rather to either change the native culture to theirs or grab what they can for as long as they can...or both. They are not about building, they are about taking, and when there's nothing left to take they will leave as quickly as they came. 

I ask you, in what category would you put the 147,000 illegal immigrants that have crossed our Southern border this year? What category would you put the 100,000 LEGAL Muslim immigrants entering the US just this year? And finally, in what category would you put Barack Obama? 

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