Tuesday, July 28, 2015

WOW, Didn't See This One Coming!

Can you believe this? Obama's White House coordinated with the media, and specifically with Jonathan Stuart Leibowitz's (aka Jon Stewart) The Daily Show. Truly unbelievable! Unbelievable if you're like nine and have the IQ of a cicada.

Tell me, what is the chief asset of the left? What characterizes them best and what do they themselves value the most? It's organization. The left has always known their views are not widely shared by the middle-class, the masses, the bourgeoisie, the proletariat (whatever term one may apply). Therefore their focus has always been on organizing, to multiply their power by controlling KEY positions in business, arts and entertainment, news outlets, academia etc.

Now you may call this a conspiracy theory, but the idea that the liberal media WOULD NOT coordinate with the White House and other political entities that share their world view is to me ludicrous. It would go against their very nature. I am POSITIVE there is highly organized coordination between all the aforementioned groups and probably your damn dog-groomer (if she or he is a tapped in leftist). Technology over the past couple of decades has made their message even more monolithic (and a helluva lot easier to disseminate).

Adam Smith said that competitors rarely talk, but if they do it'll take them less than 10 minutes before they hatch a conspiracy against the markets. Likewise leftists have been conspiring against our Constitution and our freedom since the days of Emma Goldman and John Reed (and probably since Moses, but I can't prove that). So Politico's grand revelation is not so grand, in fact I'm quite sure they've known about all this for years because they're part of the conspiracy. Jon Stewart manipulates young idiots and Politico manipulates older idiots...and so it goes.


Anonymous said...

Why point out Mr. Stewart's given name (when he known professionally as Jon Stewart)? You are speaking of him in his professional capacity, no? Are you pointing out that he is of Jewish descent? Not something he hides.

And, if so, maybe I'm being dense, but what is the point of pointing that out?

"The Hammer" said...

Who says he a Jew?

"The Hammer" said...

But after further thought I guess there was some subliminal reference to Stewart's Jewishness. So let's address that.
I admire Jews. They are 3% of the population with probably about 50% of the power. They have contributed to America's greatness well out of proportion to their numbers. They always strive for the top (not many Jewish day-laborers or farmers) but they are almost invariably leftist apart from some notable exceptions (Milton Friedman, eh...Milton Friedman).
Why is this? Why have they used their talents and energies advancing an ideology of destruction rather than one that advances human freedom, dignity and prosperity?
America has been good to Jews, as with ALL ethnic groups (at least relatively speaking). I can understand blacks, for instance, having a grudge against America (I understand but don't agree) but why Jews? At what point in America's history was anti-Semitism so bad Jews were held back? Do they blame us for the Holocaust, as in we could have done more? Do they feel obligated towards Communism because the Soviets punished Germany where as America and Britain did not? Do they love the collective because Marx was a Jew and communism is a "Jewish" ideology.
Please answer these questions, I'm dying to know.
By the way, if your answer is Jews ARE NOT overwhelmingly leftist and I've got it all wrong then save your breath. I was educated by Jewish intellectuals for the most part, I was raised with Jews (Southern Jews, maybe a bit different), I'm no diamond merchant (had to throw that in) but I've known a good few over the years and they are shockingly similar in their political views be they from New York or North Carolina.
So, tell my, why?

Anonymous said...

Just a couple brief comments -

1) You didn't really answer the original question -- what was your point in "subliminally" pointing out that Stewart is a Jew? To me it sounded like you were sneering at his Jewishness. You may have read it differently, but that's an honest response from a reader.

2) Why are Jews leftist? I think you're misreading the makeup of Knesset. Seems more right-wing than left. But given the history of European Jews over the last century, what other choice could they make? Was Hitler far-right or far-far right? If I was a Jew I might adopt a different point of view as well. Minorities generally don't support the political system that favors the rights of the majority over the rights of the minority.

3) "Ideology of destruction"? Come on. That's just hot air.

4) You're equating being leftist with hating America. Just wrong. Leftists can love America, but hate unwavering, blind patriotism (aka jingoism). Are you American? Did all your Jewish friends hate you? If so, did you ever consider that maybe it was for reasons other than your nationality?

"The Hammer" said...

1)Ok, I didn't mention that Jon Stewart was a Jew, I mentioned his real name. I did this I think to embarrass him (as he should be embarrassed). How many Jewish comics are there? And how many feel the need to adopt a Christian name? Is Jerry Seinfeld any less popular with an obviously Jewish name? Look I know it happens (Mel Brooks, Woody Allen) but damn, Groucho Marx is Groucho Marx...and I love him. If he adopted the stage name Groucho Johnson I'd have less respect for him. So there you go. By the way, if Stewart wanted a Scottish name what's wrong with Angus Leibowitz?
2) I don't recall addressing Israeli politics so I'll take your word for it. By the way, are Likud policies in line with the Austrian School of economics? Now there's a good comedy routine!
As you well know right/left are relative terms. The last time I looked Israel was organized much the same as Western Europe, kind of a social-democrat thing going on. So in my view they are all leftists, benign leftists but leftists nevertheless.
3) I truly believe leftism in all its forms is destructive. They run the gamut from Euro-Socialist (fascism with a velvet glove) -high unemployment, debt, slow growth, HUGE govt bureaucracy- to full blown totalitarian communism. The more leftist, the more destructive.The world's experience since the Bolsheviks proves this point beyond question.
By the way, it's National SOCIALISM! It may be to the right of communism but it is still a branch of the socialist tree. And the idea that Jews reacted to Nazism by turning left is absurd. The intellectual driving force for communism was always Jewish intellectuals. Rosa Luxemburg, Leon Trotsky come to mind. Hitler and Nazism were a reaction to THEM, not the other way round.
4) I do not deny there are many leftist who are patriotic and love America. There are also many who are not and do not. I say this from personal experience. But who cares really? The road to hell is paved with good intentions and leftists are astonishingly closed minded when confronted with overwhelming evidence that their policies DO NOT WORK! They are in love with the idea of the collective, and those are the good ones. The bad ones know very well it's all a lie but recognize (quite rightly) that adherence to the ideology will gain them the most power in the shortest time with very little downside. You can run roughshod over your fellow man, shit on every human being you come in contact with and starve orphans but if you just smile and call yourself a progressive, you'll be defended and protected. I call your attention to George Soros as Exibit A.

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