Sunday, July 26, 2015

Jurassic Park, Toast and It Don't Mean Nothing You Big Baby!

Ever see Jurassic Park? Sure you did. Who doesn't love a good dinosaur movie? I've been watching them since I was a kid when they'd glue fins on the backs of Iguanas and have them roll around in the sand. The best example of course being Journey to the Centre of the Earth. By the way who doesn't like a good Pat Boone movie? (I hear CW has April Love on DVD and watches it regularly!) But to each his own and I'm rambling, back to the point (although Shirley Jones was HOT! in an innocent I'd like to defile your body kinda way).
In the first Jurassic Park Jeff Goldblum asks the Zoo Dude what precautions they've taken to prevent these 47 ton critters from escaping resulting in some Triceratops marching down Rodeo Drive scaring hell out of Paris Hilton (although I'd say she's well familiar with the three horns at once concept). Zoo Dude says that hey man, it's all good, we made them all females, they ain't going nowhere. Goldblum's response is that you guys are all idiots, you have no idea what you're fuqing with and that NATURE WILLS OUT! No matter what you do nature will find a way to win and all this biological manipulation BS will end up costing you big time and biting you in the ass..literally. That piece of logic is not only true with dinosaur movies but true with people as well.
There are rumblings in Europe. Those leftist dweebs currently led by the halfwitted, half-baked, half-assed little Marxist prick Martin Schultz are about to suffer the wrath of the people. Unless I miss my guess Greece will explode very soon, and this could well touch off a simmering powder keg of violence that will wreck the leftist pipe dream of a united Europe. Hell it's a joke anyway. The Germans run the show. You didn't see the Italians or Spanish negotiating debt relief with Athens did you? This could get ugly fast, stay tuned.

Well nobody can say we didn't try. It's well known that Obama and most especially his main political squeeze Valerie Jarrett (is something else going on there?) can't stand the Clintons, and now they're putting the squeeze on. I think they're just having a little fun. They got her ass anytime they want it. She's so stupid. Why would she expose herself time after time? Private server, Benghazi, YouTube videos, Clinton Foundation; lies, lies and more lies. Lies that Obama had to know about and could use at anytime. Did she think she had friends in the White House? Is she nuts?
This stuff wouldn't have happened 10 years ago. Bill is as sharp as they come but he's old now. I think he's more concerned with the good life and is really not able for the brutal knockdown, drag-out of a political campaign. I think Hillary's cadre of leftist lesbians and man-haters have filled her head full of pipe dreams. I think Bill loves those $750k speaking fees because he'd probably do it for expenses, he loves the attention. I think Hillary has used his old network and they've all gotten together in the Clinton echo chamber and convinced themselves that she's a good candidate and that she can win. But the fact is she's teeing off on the Seniors Tour with a dodgy knee and a tore rotator cuff. She ain't winning The Masters because in the best of circumstance she never could, and certainly not with her present baggage. The only question now is who's gonna step up because Hillary is toast.

Politicians are just like the rest of us, they have their way of thinking and sometimes it's hard to process something that doesn't fit. Trump doesn't fit. I keep saying he's not a politician and the voters are not holding him to the same rules and standards as politicians. He can say damn near anything he likes, and does, and what would ruin a Jeb Bush only endears him to the folks. They don't have to agree with him, that's not it. It's that he's genuine, or at least is perceived as such. Voters are tired of politicians, tired of their manipulations and lying. Trump is the guy telling the truth and he can say insulting stuff to a war hero and the professionals can play their games and try to say he insulted ALL veterans and guess what? The folks blame the politicians because they're just manipulating the issue AS THEY ALWAYS DO. It ends up hurting them for being the assholes that they are! Trump comes out smelling like a rose. No matter how many times Trump "misspeaks", no matter how many times he screws up, it don't mean nothing. He's saying what the people want to hear, and they believe him when he says it.
Now the establishment (CW types) want to boycott the first debate if Trump is allowed to participate. Can you imagine a more infantile response to a candidate? Can you imagine a bigger insult to a large part of the Republican base that this?  I though we had serious people running the show. I guess not. Jesus H. Christ, talk about crybabies!

That's all I got, now hit the road, your presence here is no longer appropriate.

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