Monday, July 6, 2015

Marco Rubio for President -- Conservative Wahoo Blog Fund Raising

Folks, today begins the Conservative Wahoo's 2016 Fundraising Effort for Senator Marco Rubio.  Any reader who would like to make a donation to the campaign should select and then print the JPG below and mail it off expeditiously to

Marco Rubio for President
503 C Street NE
Washington DC 20002

Make sure you use this form with this blog's tracking # on it (1197).

I will report our progress here regularly

This blog raised over $25,000 in the 2012 cycle for Mitt Romney, and my goal is to at least double that in this cycle.  Rest assured, if Marco Rubio is ultimately NOT the nominee, I will switch the blog fundraising to the GOP Nominee.

So far, we're at $500.00

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Anonymous said...

We are going to differ on this. He lied directly about Amnesty and colluded with the enemy. I cannot trust him any more than I could trust Bush.

Subotai Bahadur

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